Mike Pompeo Speaks on Religious Freedom and Peace at NRB Convention


Former U.S Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, has spoken about strengthening religious freedom and peace at the annual National Religious Broadcast (NRB) Christian Media Convention on June 24 at the Gaylord Texan Resort & Convention Center in Grapevine, Texas. 

He recounted his efforts under the past administration and pledged to stay in the fight for the soul of the country. Besides, he stated that he was proud of his past works because he tackled issues in a realistic manner.

 “We did the same thing with the Iranians: We recognized that you should listen to the things they say, observe the actions that they take, and that we should have an understanding of the dignity of every human being because they're created in the image of God. Those nations that refuse to acknowledge that, we should watch them,” Pompeo told Jewish-evangelical author Joel C. Rosenberg at the convention.

He also made mention of the first actions he took during his administration. Islamic terrorism was tackled seriously as it posed a threat to the United States. He said that they cleared out the terrain of the terrorists which was approximately the size of Delaware. In addition, he talked about how they worked earnestly to ensure that religious freedom is strengthened. This led to protection of Christians in Iraq and thereafter, the U.S proceeded to bigger issues.

“It was easy for me; I knew my place. I knew I worked for him. My mission was unambiguously clear: Go out and make the world safer for the United States of America,” Pompeo admitted.
He also spoke on his resignation which he did not envisage and his thoughts as a Christian. 

“….because I knew two things. One, as a Christian believer, I believe that the Lord had given me this incredible opportunity. And I was going to do my best every day not to screw it up. … The second was I knew I was on this important mission,” Pompeo said.

At the NRB convention, the former U.S Secretary of State got the NRB’s “President’s Award” from Troy Miller, the group’s CEO, for his contribution in promoting religious freedom globally. He was also applauded by the audience at intervals.

Pompeo is an evangelical Christian and former Sunday school teacher. He urged supporters to pray that he remains in the right place in order to surrender himself to the Lord and listen properly to Him. Likewise, he pleaded with attendees to “pray to for leaders … who are prepared to lay down their animosity, their historic grievances, and build out peace and permit their people to worship in the way they want.”

In conclusion, he said that if we can get some of these, then his time on Earth has been valuable.

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