New Archbishop of Manila set to be installed by Philippines Catholics


Preparations have begun for the installation of Manila’s new archbishop by Catholics in the Philippines. Cardinal Jose Advincula shall be the 33rd archbishop of Manila. He will take over from Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle, who is now the head of the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples at the Vatican.

Bishop Broderick Pabilo, the Manila apostolic administrator stated that on June 24, the installation ceremony shall be held at Manila Cathedral. Prior to his installation, Cardinal Advincula will get his ring and biretta (red hat) in his present diocese in Roxas City, Capiz province.

The cardinal’s ring will be formally presented by Papal nuncio Archbishop Charles Brown. It symbolizes loyalty to the Catholic Church and to the pope. Also, Cadinal Advincula will get the red hat with three peaks worn by cardinals.

Last November, Cardinal Advincula was supposed to get the hat and ring from Pope Francis at a consistory organised at the Vatican. However, it did not happen due to COVID-19 restrictions. 

However, the coat of arms of Cardinal Advincula has been fixed on the head board of his seat at the cathedral. An announcement has been made by Capiz Archdiocese that for the church program, only 300 persons will be permitted inside. These persons include bishops and clergy from Manila and Capiz, and the immediate family of the cardinal. 

Meanwhile, there have been preparations by churchgoers and clergymen for the installation of the cardinal in Manila. Repair works for the upcoming event are being made at the Manila Cathedral while some photos have been posted online by the Manila Archdiocese.
[A craftsman conducts repair work on the image of the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary in Manila Cathedral. (Image source: Manila Cathedral)]

There are expectations that work on the cathedral’s pillars, ceiling, and 2.7 meter bronze image of the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary, the patron saint of Manila will be finished soonest. Gold leaf is being used as decorative materials at the altar. 

Likewise, there are plans for cultural displays at the installation. Meals would also be prepared by parishioners that would be shared at the event. Consuelo Dioneda, the Manila parishioner said,

“Some of us will perform a traditional dance to welcome Cardinal Advincula. There will also be a short procession prior to entering through the cathedral doors. It is difficult to organize religious gatherings today because of the pandemic. But it does not mean we cannot try. We just need to follow proper protocols.”

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