NBA star, Tobias Harris, reveals his Christian life beyond the court


Philadelphia 76ers forward, Tobias Harris, is a professional basketball player whose game on the court is not in doubt. However, he wants the world to see another side of him – a follower of Jesus Christ.

He played one season of college basketball for the Tennessee Volunteers. Afterwards, he declared for the 2011 NBA draft, where he was drafted 19th overall by the Charlotte Bobcats. 

The Christian Post reports that Harris has been a member of the 76ers for the past three seasons. Consequently, he is being recognized for his outstanding works on the courts and he has also been involved in humanitarian work outside the court.

His humanitarian work constitutes reaching out to underprivileged youths in Philadelphia and beyond. In a segment with Pastor William Mcdowell’s Deeper Worship Intensive “Team Edition” which was released last month, Harris said,

"Every day that I wake up understanding how blessed I am, how fortunate I am. When I do a lot of the community outreach with the youth, I can easily see the blessings that I've had in my life, even as a young kid growing up."

McDowell is an award-winning gospel singer who hosted a four-week intensive featuring a masterclass of worldwide leaders. It’s aim is to train every Christian to express their faith. The course is available online for interested persons.

Harris was a special guest during the course. He spoke on the benefits of spiritual and physical discipline which is the bedrock of where he is presently. Also, he said he is grateful for what he does and where he is.

Furthermore, he admitted that there are high and low moments in his profession. However, he said that he does not allow those moments to be the basis of his happiness.

So far, Harris has participated in 10 seasons of the NBA. He affirmed that although his profession gives a sense of happiness, it is not a guarantee for happiness. Besides, whenever he gets to interact with people, he reveals the light inside him which he says depicts God. 

In addition, he also has the zeal to influence lives positively because a lot of persons are going through challenges. In the process, it helps him to appreciate his life in all totality. The 28 year old asserted that it is an honor for him to walk in the path he is presently.

Harris and Mcdowell have been friends for a while. In the process of concluding the interview, the basketball player informed the gospel musician that he wished that Christian leaders who watch the Deeper Worship Intensive would adhere to physical and spiritual discipline.

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