First Baptist Church, Dallas offers COVID-19 vaccines to communities


One of the top churches in the U.S. is set to give out COVID-19 vaccines on May 16. The event will be hosted by First Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas after a Sunday service on that day. This will enable its church members and others in the community and across to be vaccinated.

The Christian Headlines reports that the church was invited by Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins to host the vaccine clinic. It is part of efforts to get the vaccine to communities who are reluctant to take it. Jenkins also stated that it is a patriotic duty to see that everyone is stronger.

However, there are some persons who are skeptical about the vaccine as they would not be taking it on that day. According to the polls, about 45 percent of white evangelicals are having second thoughts about it.

The senior pastor of First Baptist Church in Dallas, Robert Jeffress, has approved the vaccination. He said that it is a sure way for the churches to gather again at maximum capacity. 

Besides, the executive pastor of the church, Ben Lovvorn, informed members of the church during a service that it is not compulsory for everyone to get the vaccine. It is optional. However, for people who are interested, it is a perfect timing for them. Both Lovvorn and Jeffress have been vaccinated.
Furthermore, Lovvorn stated that the vaccination is not just for his church alone but for other church members. It is more like a community project. The vaccine clinic will administer the Moderna vaccine, which involves two doses. On June 13, a second clinic will be held at the church.

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