Crossroads Church set to donate $2.5M over the next 25 weeks

Crossroads Church in Ohio is set to donate $2.5 million to local, national, and international nonprofits over the next 25 weeks. This act is to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the church, The Cincinnati Enquirer reports.

While speaking on the donation, the Senior Pastor and founder of the church, Brian Tome affirmed that Crossroads have been blessed by God for the past 25 years. Therefore, they want to utilize their blessings to cause a positive change in the communities they serve. In the cause of being a blessing, it means sharing their resources with partners who are involved in good works. More so, they want to invest where God moves.

The sum of $100,000 shall be donated to a Cincinnati organization, City Gospel Mission. This organization centers on assisting in the fight against hopelessness. Also, they would be the first of 40 organizations in the area to get the donation. Meanwhile, other organisations that will benefit from the donations will be unveiled in the next 25 weeks.

In an interview with WRKC, David Pinson of City Gospel Mission said that the donation will lighten the faces of their staff. Likewise, there will be a restoration of hope and joy. In his words,
 "Hope is getting it to those people, the hurting people that we work with because it will get around, and people will know that, and that might even attract people to us as well."

In 1995, Crossroads Church was founded in Cincinnati. As at 2018, it had about 35,000 weekly attendances approximately. Presently, it has multi campuses with 10 locations across Columbus, Lexington, Cincinnati, and Dayton. Tome admitted that he is grateful to all the nonprofits that are located in the city. He continued,

“So as a result of our 25th anniversary we are going to put a little dot in between 2 and 5, giving 2.5 million dollars in the next 25 weeks.’’

The operational budget of the church is expected to fund the community projects. Tome added that the aim of making a difference in the communities is because God made a difference in them. 

While speaking with WLWT5, Tome revealed his plans for the next 25 years. He said that he wishes to “enjoy life and serve God diligently and make aggressive moves as a church to bless our city." He is also expected to assist organizations in Haiti and India.

It would be recalled that last year, Crossroads Church was part of the recipients of the $3.6 million federal government's Paycheck Protection Program. In his reaction, Tome said that he didn’t know that churches could get help in that manner. He thought that churches were often left out.

“When you take a look at the value churches offer the social sector, it is enormous. I think that the government at least this time around recognized that in this emotional crisis, financial crisis, spiritual — it’s a crisis of every kind of category possible — churches provide a meaningful service to the communities,” Tome concluded.

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