Christian animated series 'The Wingfeather Saga' breaks $1M crowd-funding record


Plans are in place to make children’s book series, ‘’The Wingfeather Saga’’, into a Christian animated series. The crowd-funding that was initiated for the project has broken the $1million record previously set by ‘’The Chosen’’. This makes it the fastest crowd-funded TV show presently at Angel Studios. Also, it becomes the second-highest crowd-funded animated kids and family TV show worldwide.

In order to bring this Christian series to life, DreamWorks veteran, J. Chris Wall has formed a partnership with Angel Studios. Besides, funds are being gathered from individual investors.

Like ‘’The Chosen’’, ‘’The Wingfeather Saga’’ which has Jesus as its theme gives fans the opportunity to invest in the family-friendly animated series. Their minimum goal is $1 million and it has been surpassed. However, they desire to increase the fund to $5 million in four weeks. This will help to fund the first season fully.

The description series of "The Wingfeather Saga" entails "redemptive fantasy, deep magic, loveable characters, family values, and a whimsical sense of humor.’’ It is an adaptation of the bestselling novel of Andrew Peterson.

Other veterans from DreamWorks Animation, Blue Sky, Pixar, Nickelodeon, and Disney, have been enlisted by J. Chris Wall - the showrunner - and his team for this series. They would assist in bringing visuals to the screen.

 "We have always hoped for a way to share in the creation of this animated series, and when the partnership with Angel Studios came up, it just felt like exactly the right fit. To have a platform where we can invite our fans to build something together with us is just amazing," Wall told the Christian Post.

"We love great stories that our whole family can enjoy together," he continued. "Sharing this story of a family struggling to overcome a great evil while also reconciling their brokenness is something we feel deeply compelled to do."

He also added that the series will give creators the avenue to stretch themselves and deliver a rich experience from the novels. They are hopeful that families will have something to ‘’look forward to, episode after episode, as the epic and whimsical story unfolds toward its deeply satisfying conclusion."

The development of this series led to a new book titled Wingfeather Tales. In conclusion, Wall stated that the writing team is expected to develop on the work to ‘’build out the full journey of this epic saga." 

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