COVID-19: Operation Blessing Supports India with Medical Oxygen


The COVID-19 cases in India keep rising even as some countries are experiencing a decrease in new cases. So far, there are about 400,000 affected persons with the deadly virus which necessitated the call for more medical oxygen in the country. 

CBN’s Operation Blessing has offered 150 critical cylinders of medical oxygen to the Philadelphia Ambala Mission hospital in Haryana, India. This announcement was made by Victor Emmanuel of CBN’s Operation Blessing International.

The hospital is specifically a COVID-19 center where infected patients are treated. It was founded in 1887 by an American missionary.

CBN News reports that the hospital's director, Dr. Sunil Sadiq, stated that the health crisis in the country is only being compounded by the lack of oxygen nationwide. Besides, patients entering the hospital with low oxygen saturation are a challenge and they are often refused entry. It is quite devastating for them.

In his response on the medical support his humanitarian organization is donating, Emmanuel said, "Because of the demand for oxygen, there is no doubt a black market and so the price has gone up like three to 400 times, but the people are desperate to get oxygen."

He added that about 950 people can be treated over the period of two weeks with the support of Operation Blessing donating the oxygen to the hospital. More so, it is great news for the patients that would be going to the hospital.

Presently, more than 230,000 people have died in India from COVID-19 and medical experts are predicting worse cases in the weeks coming. 

Sadiq also noted that there are certain activities that are being engaged in the hospital. He affirmed that prayers are usually said thrice or more daily with the patients. It gives them a feeling of a divine power manifesting in the hospital.

The move by President Joe Biden to waive COVID-19 vaccine patents have been welcomed by India’s medical experts. They stated that this move will permit nations like India to increase their supply.

In conclusion, Emmanuel pleaded with people across the world to remember India in their prayers as they are experiencing a lot of discomfort. He asked for prayers for healing, God’s peace and comfort for the nation.

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