CeCe Winans’ daughter, Ashley narrates how Elevation Church’s messages helped her

Ashley Philips, the daughter of prolific gospel singer, CeCe Winans, has talked about the impact of the prayers and sermons of The Elevation Church (TEC) online when she was pregnant. 

Philips talked about her experience when she featured on a talk show – Generations: A Celebration of Motherhood together with her mother, and her grandmother, Delores Winans. The talk show was monitored by The Cable.

According to Philips, she looked for declarations about childbirth during her pregnancy on Google. In the process, she stumbled on the church’s website with its message of declaration for pregnant women.

Consequently, the confession prayers she saw on the church’s website became a core part of her throughout her pregnancy period till she gave birth recently. In her words,

“A good thing I did when I was pregnant was making positive declarations over myself. I was just praying, declaring things over myself, like, my emotions are in order, like I am going to have a great pregnancy, postmortem period …… that I have the peace of God, I am not anxious….

“There is a church somewhere in Africa, I think they are out of Nigeria, called ‘The Elevation Church’… and their website has confessions about everything; family, health, finances… and I really like to read them and say them out loud almost every day because I believe in the power of the word of God. I have shared such confessions with friends and they have seen major differences in their first pregnancies compared to after I told them.”

Furthermore, the three of them talked about the challenges and joy that come with motherhood from their individual point of view on the talk show. Also, they talked about how parents and those planning to marry can provide a proper upbringing for their children with biblical principles.

The Elevation Church is a non-denominational church in Lagos. It is founded by Godman Akinlabi, and Bola, his wife who is also a minister.

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