Kukah Cannot Be Stopped From Speaking Against Bad Governance — Onaiyekan says


Emeritus, Catholic Archbishop of Abuja, His Eminence John Cardinal Onaiyekan, says the Bishop of Sokoto, Most Rev. Matthew Kukah, cannot be stopped from lending his voice against bad governance in Nigeria.

The Easter message by Kukah was described by the Presidency as ungodly after the renowned cleric condemned the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari. The Presidency also accused Kukah of playing politics with the message he passed during Easter. However, Onaiyekan has come to his defense. 

Onaiyekan spoke as a guest on AIT’s breakfast show, Kakaaki in Abuja which was monitored by The Vanguard. He stated that religious leaders have a role of speaking the truth on behalf of the masses. 

Besides, he noted that President Buhari does not have the right mindset about politics. In his words, politics entails proper management of the community for the common good of all. Likewise, everyone should have the intentions of becoming politicians.


Furthermore, he said that the decision of religious leaders to speak the truth for the betterment of the country has been concluded to mean that religious leaders are playing politics. Nevertheless, it will not stop them from speaking up.

In addition, he affirmed that everyone has a role to play in nation building but the role of President Buhari is the most important. Religious leaders will therefore not be cowed from speaking up including Kukah. 

According to Onaiyekan, Kukah has no plans to organize a coup against Buhari. His concern is only for the masses; he is speaking for them so that their voices can be heard. His expectation was that the Presidency would give Kukah a listening ear and address the issues he raised accordingly.

Onaiyekan also commented about the banditry situation in the country. He reacted to the statements by Islamic cleric Sheikh Ahmad Gumi and former President Olusegun Obasanjo that terrorists and bandits should be given amnesty. 

The cleric was vehemently against this call. He insisted that giving terrorists and bandits amnesty would increase the criminal activities in some parts of the country.

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