God is still interested in Nigeria – Kumuyi says


The Founder and General Superintendent of the Deeper Christian Life Ministry, Pastor William Kumuyi, has lent his voice to the state of the nation. He affirmed that God is still interested in Nigeria and the country can still be great again.

The revered cleric made this statement last Sunday while answering questions from journalists after a Sunday Worship service which is part of the 6-day ‘Soaring Above’ Crusade in Abuja and for the 19 northern States via Zoom and other social media platforms.

In the words of the preacher, God is still interested in the affairs of this nation. Hence, the people should show more love rather than hate and killing one another. Also, continuous use of negative words can disturb the expected change. 

He encouraged Nigerians to be hopeful and trust that God would do great things for the nation. Besides, he advised that the resources of the nation should be utilized efficiently. 

In addition, he said that God’s blessings for an individual affect the family. Likewise, what He does for the community, He does for a nation. The people were also advised to stop trading blame. Rather, they should adopt a positive mindset that Nigeria will become better some day.  

Kumuyi said that negativity will amount to saying that the different zones in the country should be on its own. He said that having such a mindset will not amount to the growth of the nation. However, with a positive mindset, God’s word can become manifested in the country. He also affirmed that Nigeria will fly again.

Furthermore, the cleric spoke on the present economic hardship in the country. He said that more focus should be placed on the brains of the country to fight the current challenges it is facing. Also, more energy should be put into cultivating the fertile land that we have because have the human capacity to produce what we desire.

It is paramount to note that Nigeria is a praying nation. However, Kumuyi spoke on the need to put in more actions so that our prayers can become effective. 

Also, he acknowledged the fact that many Nigerians are gifted and dominating in other parts of the world. In conclusion, he prayed that God would give the country peace and grace to overcome its challenges.

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