Bishop-elect, Christian Carlassare, Shot in South Sudan


Last Sunday, some armed men stormed the residence of the Bishop-elect of Rumbek, South Sudan, Christian Carlassare and shot him. Eye witnesses reported that the shooting was targeted specifically at him.

According to Catholic News Agency and ACI Africa, he is now out of danger in a Rumbek hospital being managed by Italian organization, Doctors with Africa (CUAMM).

Fr. Andrea Osman of Rumbek Diocese was present at the residence when the gunmen came in. He was threatened and asked to leave their sight as he was not their major target. Also, they shot him twice while the bishop-elect was shot thrice.

Another eye witness, the Rumbek’s diocesan head of logistics, Abenego Marol, informed ACI Africa that the gunmen aimed at Bishop-elect Carlassare’s room. They started shooting immediately they knocked on the door till it opened.

There were reports on Monday that plans were being made to airlift the bishop-elect for treatment out of the country to Kenya. Early last month, Fr. Carlassare was named bishop of Rumbek and is scheduled to receive Episcopal consecration on Pentecost.

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