South African Preacher, Keith Daniel, Passes On

South African preacher, Keith Daniel, who is known for his special style of preaching has passed on. He died on March 6 after a battle with a COVID variant that emerged in the country. This news was announced by his son, Roy Daniel, when he made a post saying;

“Keith Daniel died today. Today my dearest daddy died. He was such a daddy. He sang me to sleep as a little child. He taught me of Jesus. He showed faith through the very hard times and faith in prayer that influenced my life. He was a real daddy who preached, but found time for his kids to buy ice cream and go for walks and talk and talk,” Roy recalled.

“I remember meetings he preached where the presence of God was phenomenal and brought conviction, repentance tears and prayer in my own life. He knew he was a weak earthen vessel. He was nothing enough for God to be much through him. That is so rare. He was always there for me. I will ever honor the memory of one of the two greatest men I knew in life.

"The other being my grandpa Jannie who lived for God in such a humble way those atheists said… I could ignore Christian arguments, but I could not ignore the life of that man. Only Jesus is perfect, but my daddy was a gift I could never deserve. May God continue to use his sermons and memory to the glory of Jesus alone,” he continued.

The revered preacher was an evangelist with the African Evangelistic Band. He preached the Word of God travelling wide across South Africa. Also, he lectured at Glenvar Bible College in Cape Town. For about two decades, Daniel did over twenty tours to North America.

Last month, Roy Daniel, made posts o Facebook about the condition of his dad after acquiring the virus.

“Keith Daniel prayer update. My dear dad is still in ICU. He is still under oxygen tubes vent and he still needs your prayers. There are some good signs like good vitals when tested for most organs. However, his condition is day to day and he needs prayer. Please continue to pray,” Roy posted on February 20.

Many persons have taken to social media to post their condolences. One of such comments read;

 “I am so very sorry for this huge loss. His legacy will live on through the lives of the countless ones he impacted with the Gospel. He will continue to have a positive impact through his recorded sermons.’’

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  1. I never met kieth Daniel but listened to his sermons , never has a preacher been more impactful in my life, once in a dream God used him he came to me with a loving yet stern rebuke to change a certain thing in my life, I will never forget that. He was a true man of God I hope to become like him one day

  2. What an amazing man of God! My husband and I have listened to some of his sermons and busy listening to one now - Bro Keith was so humble and preached the truth of God's word. I am so sorry to hear that he has gone home to be with the Lord, but so grateful that so many of his messages have been recorded, so that we can listen over and over again! We need more such men of God 💞


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