Faith-Based Movie ‘’Minari’’ Gets Six Oscar Nominations

Minari, a faith-based movie that is centered on the childhood memories of Lee Isaac Chung in Arkansas, has gotten six Oscar nominations this year. Chung happens to be the director of the movie which has Steven Yeun as its lead character. According to Yeun, the movie focuses on a man ‘’wrestling with God".

In the film, Chung’s father – Jacob – had a desire to stop his day job at a chicken processing plant and make his plot of land to become a profitable farm for him. However, he encountered a lot of challenges including a drought.

Yeun described Jacob’s character which he acted as a fascinating one. In a new video that highlight the faith-themed movie, the actor stated that Jacob was a man wrestling with God. 

Both Jacob and his wife are church goers who strived for a better life. The Korean-American family were immigrants who sought-after a better life on the American soil, chasing the American dream.
This movie gave Yeun an Oscar nomination for Best Actor. The other cast and crew members who equally got Oscar nominations are Yuh-Jung Youn, for Best Supporting Actress; Chung – Best Director and Best Screenplay, and Emile Mosseri – Best Original Score. Alan Kim –who played young David Yi (the 7 year old son of Jacob)- got the Critic’s Choice Award for Best Young Performer for his role in the film.

According to Chung, he did not see a lot of films about the South while growing up. Most times, what he saw were caricatures and there are no much human stories that are centered there. While speaking to Deadline about the movie last year, Chung said;

“I hope that it offers some kind of hope or something to have after everything that’s happened this year. It’s so easy to be trite about everything that’s happened, but I think this film is born of a true pain, in a way, that I feel I’ve wrestled with in my own life, but then also a lot of joy, and a lot of hope that I feel I’ve been blessed with on the other side of that.”

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