''We simply desire to worship our Lord," Canadian Church say after being fined...

For the second time, a Church in Canada has been fined for conducting physical services despite the restrictions placed on large gatherings due to COVID-19 pandemic. According to Penticton Western News, Riverside Calvary Church of Langley, British Columbia got the citation on January 3. Also, a ticket was given to the church "for conducting an in-person service in contravention of the Provincial Health Order on Sunday," Langley Cpl. Holly Largy attached to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police said.

Furthermore, Largy stated that some members of the church were caught during service without masks. It will be recalled that on November 19, 2020, an order which banned indoor activities was passed on British Columbia due to the increasing rate of COVID-19 cases.

A member of Riverside Calvary Church who did not want her identity disclosed said that the ban by the government is an "overreach". However, she does not blame the police for implementing the law because they are only carrying out their duties. Nevertheless, she affirmed that it is too much.

Riverside Calvary Church got its first citation on November 29, 2020 when law enforcement was notified to carry out an investigation after a complaint reached them that physical services were holding there.

Lead Pastor Brent Smith told BC Local News that there have been disagreements on whether church services are important. However, he thinks that they have a right to be involved in these assembling.

"We just believe there have been many inconsistencies with what is essential, and we simply desire to worship our Lord in a safe and Biblical way," Smith said.

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