"Do not put hope on politics and government. It's idolization," Lecrae says.

Christian hip-hop artist Lecrae has identified the causes of the multiple problems in the church. He stated that idolizing politics and government is an issue that needs to be addressed. The two-time Grammy award winner also admonished people on the need to deviate from idolizing the "empire".

This statement was made in relation to the government of the United States. It will be recalled that some days back, a multitude of people trooped into the U.S. Capitol building in a protest that did not turn out well. Reportedly, about five persons died.

On his Instagram page, Lecrae said that a lot of Christians are building their hope on politics and the government. He finds no fault in a nation but he has a problem with people who regard their nation as their hope. In that regard, people bestow too much expectation on what cannot give them what they are actually looking for. It can also lead to the side of eternal history that is wrong.

Furthermore, Lecrae made mention of the King with a righteous rule and that is Christ the King. The earthly empire may fade away but God's empire will last forever. He continued, 

"I think a lot of people are caught up in the empire right now. And this is not to say you don't get involved in politics, you don't take civic responsibilities. But it is to say that you move with the intention of making sure that the kingdom is represented wherever you go."

In addition, the gospel music act admitted that many Christians have abandoned the commandment to love because of politics.

"More than anything, y'all have got to learn how to love each other. Y'all are letting the empire divide y'all, when your faith journey is supposed to inform you. Y'all are letting the empire divide y'all and not [allowing] y'all to see each other as brothers and sisters, but [leading] y'all to see each other as them versus us. Love does have power and you really can push through a lot of the chaos and the craziness that we're seeing right now."

He also made mention of the two foremost parties in the United States and he encouraged people to make friends with people with different political ideologies. In his words: 

"Democrats versus Republicans y'all both Americans. This ain't two different countries. And that's what I think a lot of people are aiming for is for it to be to different countries.

"I have some friends who have political views that I don't agree with, but it's all good, because we both love the Lord, he said. We gonna spend eternity with each other, so we try to navigate that and process that together."

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