Local Missionaries win Buddhist Drug Addict in Burma to Christ

The increasing rates of COVID-19 cases in Burma (Myanmar) have not deterred local missionaries from doing their work. Although the pandemic has prevented them from planning evangelistic camps and other large activities, it still did not stop them from showing love to the majority-Buddhist country. The local missionaries have been engaged in sharing gospel tracts and sharing rice while observing the COVID-19 precautionary measures.

"COVID-19 causes many people to be jobless and hopeless, especially in the poor areas where we are living, But we bring hope to those people by encouraging them in the word of God and help them by distributing rice, which is our main food, for them as much as we can," the leader said.

According to the local missionaries, they have shared rice to more than 300 persons and about 500 persons have received gospel tracts so far. Apart from rice, noodles and coffee have also been distributed. In addition, the local missionaries have made it a duty to visit the prisons as there is always a possibility that there will be a change of lives.

"Most of them are Burmese people whose religion is Buddhism, but when they are in prison everyone is hungering for hope and encouragement, and spiritually they need some comfort," the leader said. "Even though they are isolated and lonely, their future becomes bright when we share the gospel with them. Whenever we visit a prison, we have seen a change of lives in the prisoners."

The missionary leader also gave testimonies of their evangelism in the prisons. He recounted the case of one of the inmates, Aung Myint*, who was arrested for his involvement with drugs. Before his entrance to the prison, he had not heard about the gospel. Myint faced extreme withdrawal symptoms while in prison to the extent that he became suicidal. The leader added that it is not really easy for people who are addicted to drug to get over the habit without God's help. 

In addition, for Myint to get over his addiction, he was advised to meditate on Gods word by reading the Bible by mornings. Also, he was told that if his life would experience a turnaround that would halt his desire for drugs if he trusts completely to God. In six months, Myint expressed a new phase in his life due to his consistency in praying and reading Gods word. He was released in that period.

"Now he gives his testimony to everyone he meets how in his old life he used drugs and did not have a job, just spent his life on gambling," the leader said. But now that he has Jesus in his life, hes stopped doing all those bad things and instead is spending time with Christ, reading the Bible every day and attending church every Sunday. A Buddhist found Jesus and became a new, Christian son of God."

Furthermore, the missionary leader stated that they are currently making gospel songs to share worldwide online. He admitted that the current trend for everyone is the usage of online platforms such as YouTube and Facebook to disseminate information. Hence, they would continue their ministry using these platforms. More so, they are praying to God to give them the financial wherewithal to finance their projects.

(Myint* real name was changed for security reasons)

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