Greater Vision Commemorates 30th Anniversary by Releasing Special Album

In commemoration of its 30th anniversary, Greater Vision shall be releasing a special album titled The Journey. Daywind Records shall be releasing the album which features Gerald Wolfe, Rodney Griffin, Chris Allman, and Jon Epley. Likewise, the album shall contain eight songs which have been revamped from Greater Vision classics. The classic songs include Just One More Soul, ‘It Pays to Pray’, ‘My Name is Lazarus’, ‘I Could Never Praise Him Enough’, ‘With All the Many Miracles’, ‘Faces’, and others. In addition, the album shall be having five songs that are brand new.

According to Gerald Wolfe, the versions that are re-recorded were revised and pepped up from the initial recordings of the hit songs. He added that the album started with an extensive display which shows totally new orchestrations pattern on each classic. More so, the groups present singers spiced the vocals on each classic.

Greater Visions consistent ‘Singing News Fan Award’ Songwriter of the Year, Rodney Griffin and resident songwriter, Chris Allman wrote many of its new songs. A new member of the group, Jon Epley, also had his first credit on the album. The album was produced by Gerald Wolfe and Trey Ivey.

In his remark on Greater Visions 30th anniversary, Director of Artist and Label Services for Daywind Records, Dusty Wells, said; "I love Greater Vision and the heart-music they make. Great songs never die, and this project is a fresh reminder of how great their music is. Gerald, Rodney, Chris and Jon have a passion for ministry and sharing Jesus. We at Daywind are thrilled to play a small part in helping get that message out. Be on the lookout for special events throughout 2021 celebrating Greater Visions 30 years!"

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