Faith and Liberty puts on live nativity outside U.S Capitol building

Christian organization, Faith and Liberty, has put a live nativity display around the Supreme Court building and the U.S Capitol Building in Washington, D.C. The live nativity was seen travelling around the buildings on Wednesday, December 2.

The nativity included Joseph, Mary, shepherds, three wise men, and a baby Jesus. This act by Faith and Liberty was a testament to the Gospel story and Christianity. It began on East Plaza at 11 am and stopped in between the Supreme Court building and the Capitol building. 

The live nativity is a yearly display put up by the Christian group. This year is its 12th year of display. The actors sang, prayed, and read the Christmas Story from the Gospel of Matthew as they stood in between the two buildings. Faith and Liberty use the nativity display to share the gospel of Christ Jesus.

CBN News reports that the live nativity is "a reminder to Christians across the country they have every legal right to put on such scenes outside their local government facilities. All they usually need is a permit."

Faith and Liberty is an outreach ministry to federal government officials. The distance of the nativity display is just 10 minutes away from the White House. More so, they are "an evangelistic ministry, taking the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the nations top elected and appointed officials." Their goal is "to bring the Word of God to bear on the hearts and minds of those that make public policy in America." They realize this goal by preaching, praying, and providing pastoral care.

According to Faith & Liberty, their primary aim is to reach out to Judicial Branch officials first. However, their secondary aim is to reach out to members of the Executive Branch. Afterwards, members of Congress are their point of call.

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