Czech Republic set to open new Diplomatic Office in Jerusalem

The Czech Republic is planning to set up a diplomatic station in Jerusalem. They would be joining the United States in this act. One of their delegates from Tel Aviv will be shifted there, CBN News reports. 

According to the Czech Republics main diplomatic office in Prague, the move will be permanent. However, this decision has nothing to do with the ongoing peace talks in the Middle East.

Officials in Prague affirmed that "The establishment of this office has nothing to do with the ongoing peace process in the Middle East, does not anticipate its results or change the long-term Czech position in this process." In addition, they stated categorically that they will not join the United States to establish an embassy. That is not what the move is about.

Nevertheless, Israel's Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi welcomed the move. He said: "This is an important step that is indicative of the friendship between the two peoples and the recognition of Jerusalem as the eternal capital of the State of Israel and the Jewish people."

Israel's ambassador in Prague, Daniel Meron, supported the Israels Foreign Minister when he told The Times of Israel that, "As an Israeli and a Jerusalemite I am proud to serve as the ambassador of Israel to the Czech Republic, a country that speaks the truth against the singling out of Israel in international forums."

The move became evident when a peace treaty between Jerusalem and Sudan was brokered by President Trump. According to the White House, the treaty will "rebuild trust with our regional partners and identify their shared interests, moving them away from the conflicts of the past and begin negotiations on cooperation agreements in agriculture, economy, trade, aviation, migration issues, and other areas of mutual benefit."

The Czech Republic has been a collaborator of Israel for a while now. It is pertinent to note that the country was among the few countries that stood up for Israel in the International Criminal Court. This was after the United Nations decided to sue Israel for war crimes. In defense of Israel, the Czech Republic argued that the United Nations went beyond its boundaries because Palestine is not a state.

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