Joshua Mike-Bamiloye cautions Christians on their utterances

Gospel film actor and producer Joshua Mike-Bamiloye has lent his voice to some of the pressing issues in our society. The present state of the nation has not been funny for the past weeks. From the #EndSARS protests, to the Lekki Toll gate massacre on October 20, 2020, to the discovery of hidden palliatives in warehouses across various states of the federation, it is only normal that any person would be angry.

With these sad occurrences, some persons have gone to the point of laying curses on the nation and its selfish leaders. It will be recalled that during the #EndSARS protests, prayer walks were organized across some states. While some persons prayed, another set of persons were busy making statements against the prayer walks by further laying curses on the nation.

However, Joshua Mike-Bamiloye has advised that Christians should remain positive even with their words about the country. Also, he stated that when you engage in prayer walks and still insult the nation, your prayer walk is a total waste of time. The prayers will amount to a mere mouth and body exercise. Likewise, it will not yield any result.

Furthermore, he advised against making condemning declarations against the nation. He said. ‘’Dear Christians, Prayer walk + negative statements after = Body and mouth exercise lasan. You can’t mix ‘Father heal the land’ with ‘Dis country is finished!’ We are doomed.’ Tame your tongue.’’

The Power of the Tongue
The tongue is powerful. Blessed is the man who knows how to control his tongue. The Bible makes us to understand that with our mouth, confessions are made unto salvation. In addition, it says that life and death are in the power of the tongue.

It is normal to get angry. However, how you react to anger matters a lot. Getting angry is not a sin but deciding not to forgive, is a sin. Many persons have cut their destinies short with the words they have proclaimed. In the same manner, some persons have blessed themselves with the words they proclaim also. 

Which category do you belong to? Are you among those who use words carelessly or are you one of those persons who are very conscious of the words they say out of their mouth?

We are our Words
How do people rate you? When they see you what readily comes into their mind? Are you known for negative words or do people ascribe positive words to you? It is pertinent to note that people describe you for the words you speak.

Have someone ever talked about you and say, ‘’this lady has respect for people’’ or ‘’this guy has respect for people?’’ These statements are born out of the way and manner you speak. That compliment has nothing to do with your fine looks or with your lovely accent.

A beautiful or handsome face will only look unattractive when the words that proclaim from your mouth are usually silly. Be mindful of your words; it can give hope to the downtrodden or it can throw them into a state of depression.

Many dreams have hit the brick wall because they were fed with words of discouragement. On the other side, dreams have come into materialization because they were fed with positive words. As a Christian, do you allow yourself to be moved by negative words or will you dwell more on the positive words? The choice is yours.

The Effectiveness of Positive Words
Since we have decided to focus more on the positive aspect of our words, can we also outline the effects of positive words? Firstly, positive words energize our faith. It is some sort of a morale booster. When you feel like all hope is lost, look for soothing words. They would calm your nerves.

Secondly, dwelling on positive words daily can help to maintain our balance. No matter the anger in your heart or the depressing state of your mind, positive words will help you to maintain your balance. Speak the words you want to manifest in your life. Decree it like you mean it; believe in it till you feel better about yourself.

Thirdly, your life is shaped by your words. Your actions are a product of your thoughts. You cannot be greater than your thoughts. If you think you are failure, your words will support your thoughts, and you will be doomed by it. Hence, embrace positive words today.

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