''Use your mind to your advantage,'' Pastor Chris Oyakilohme preaches

The mind is a powerful tool many persons underestimate. If properly harnessed, it can yield numerous benefits. These are the opinions of the Head Pastor of Believers Loveworld, also known as Christ Embassy, Chris Oyakhilome. In his words, ‘the mind is like the rudder that directs a ship. For your spirit, the mind is very important if you turn your mind away from what it is supposed to be focusing on, your feeling will die.

In order to have a mind that is effective, you need to have your emotions balanced. That is the duty of the mind to balance your emotions. It is necessary that your mind is channeled to your purpose. The coordination of the forces of your spirit towards the path of your purpose is the duty of the mind. Hence, you have to program your mind to what you want you desire. 

Focus helps your mind to be effective

Do you have any plans you need to embark on? You need focus to keep them effective. Pastor Oyakhilome also buttressed his point by addressing people who embark on praying and fasting. According to the renowned cleric, you need focus for the prayers to be effective.

However, there are many persons who would distract themselves during this period. The essence of that fast has become defeated because your mind has been placed in many directions. Learn to discipline your mind. Discipline will help you to put your mind on track. It is not always easy to be disciplined. But if you put your mind to it, you can achieve it.
Your tongue can help your mind
After you have tried focus and you are still having some challenges, you can try another pattern. Do you know that your tongue is a very powerful tool that can help your mind to be effective? When your mind starts to wander, use your tongue to correct it. Speak to your mind constantly. Tell your mind what you want and watch it bow to you. 

Work on your emotions
For your mind to be effective, you have to work on your emotions. At times you may want something but your emotions may be pushing you to another direction. You have to work on that. Do not allow your emotions to override what you truly want. It is very necessary to put God in your plans. Work on your emotions. When you put it together, your spirit will also align to the path that you desire. Hence, your spirit is aligning with what God wants and you are propelled to do His work.

Who is Pastor Chris Oyakhilome?
Born on December 7, 1963, Pastor Chris, as he is fondly called, is the President of Loveworld Incorporated popularly known as Christ Embassy. He is a graduate of Architecture from Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma. In the same university he was honored with a Doctor of Science award. Likewise, Benson Idahosa University also honored him with a doctorate degree in divinity.

He is a philanthropist and runs the Chris Oyakhilome Foundation. The foundation has succeeded in helping the poor and less privileged over the years. Victims of disasters have also benefited from the benevolence of the renowned preacher. Many times, the foundation has worked together with the government to improve the well being of the people.

Pastor Chris is the eldest son of his parents. He married Anita Ebhodaghe in 1991 and they are blessed with two children. However, they got divorced in February 2016. Their first daughter Sharon got married to Philip Frimpong on October 6, 2018. Pastor Chris has authored many books including the daily devotional Rhapsody of Realities which has gained many readers over the years.

Pastor Oyakhilome is very instrumental in the growth of the members of his church. The youths have also felt his impact over the years as they are beneficiaries of his development programs. It is pertinent to note that the renowned preacher has influenced the music career of some notable gospel musicians in Nigeria. 

Sinach, Eben, and Frank Edwards are notable mentions as they are a product of Loveworld Music. Sinach is also a senior worship leader of the Christ Embassy choir. Also, it will be recalled that Pastor Chris talked Sinach from relocating out of Nigeria after her graduation. He encouraged her to pursue her music career. Presently, she is among the top gospel artists in the country.

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