Do not stress yourself to please everyone, Evang. Agboola advises

The wants of human beings are insatiable. No matter how you try to please them, they will never be satisfied. These are the words of the president of EVOM World Network, Evang. Shola Mike Agboola.

According to the renowned gospel film maker and actor, there are some things that can never be possible even if you wait till the second coming of Jesus. Hence, there is no need to stress oneself in a bid to satisfy human beings.

It is a greatly impossible to please man; you will encounter difficulties in the process. Mike Shola Agboola also buttressed his points using some scriptures from the Bible. 

He gave instances of Jesus giving hope to the hopeless but the people still found ways to criticize Him. Also, Jesus made the lame to walk and he healed the sick. That notwithstanding, the people were still not convinced. His good deeds were not always matched in the same measure.

Agboola further advised that everyone should endeavor to do their best for God and leave the rest for the world.

People go through a lot daily trying to please people who would never appreciate them. Those who appreciate them, do for only a while. Some persons forget the help rendered to them too soon and they demand for more without thinking of the sacrifice that was done for them. Agboola also added that people would see your faults even if you are blameless.

He said: If you come out of the lions den without any hurt, like Daniel, some will say the lions are toy lions.

Also, if you walk on water, like our Lord Jesus Christ, some will say it is because you cannot swim.

If you multiply bread and fish, and feed thousands, some will say you are just showing off. Therefore, do your best for God and leave the rest for the world.

Shola Mike Agboola's Profile
Gospel films have come to stay. It has been striving for some decades. The practitioners in the industry are doing a great job even as they increase in number. Agboola is a gospel film maker par excellence. His works cut across different ages and it is widely received across Africa and beyond. Below is a profile of him.

Agboola is into full time drama ministry. He runs the EVOM World Network based in Kwara State. EVOM World Network is a non denominational ministry, formed to propagate the gospel of Christ Jesus. He is a graduate of the University of Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria.

Beyond acting and directing Christian films, Evangelist Agboola is also a scriptwriter. Over the years, he has written and directed a good number of Christian movies. Likewise, he produces stage plays.

Agboola is equally involved in speaking engagements in Nigeria and across. He has some Christian books written in his name. Currently, he is the General Secretary, Board of Trustees, All Nigeria Conference of Evangelical Drama Ministers (ANCEDRAM), Nigeria. The renowned film maker stated that he got born again in August, 1988.
Shola Mike Agboola is married to Blessing Adegbayike Agboola and they are blessed with children. 

Agboola is a testament of the rewards of serving God. If you do your part with God, God will show forth mightily for you. His works has blessed many lives over the years.

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