"Our labors will not be in vain," Bishop Oyedepo says as CU marks 18th anniversary

October 20, 2020 is a day every Nigerian remembers with sobriety. It was day the Nigerian army opened fire on peaceful protesters at Lekki toll gate. It was very disheartening that the Nigerians who were peacefully protesting against brutality were killed by the Nigerian army. Lives were lost and many others were injured. This sad event has caused reactions from various quarters. 

The president of Living Faith Church worldwide, Bishop David Oyedepo, has reacted to the sad event. He also called on God to the give attention to the present situation in the country. Likewise, he asked for Gods mercy on the people and visit them with results. More so, he enjoined his flock to be sober and vigilant because Jesus will keep our going out and our coming in.

The nation is presently mourning; there is chaos in most parts of the country. Hence, the response of Bishop Oyedepo is timely. The renowned cleric prayed that the nation will not experience any form of bloodshed again. He prayed that God will step into the affairs of this nation and bring calm to this raging storm.

Covenant University @ 18

On October 21, 2020, Covenant University marked its 18th anniversary. Building the university was a vision from God to the renowned cleric. 18 years after, the vision has blossomed into what it is today. It released thousands of eagles into the world to make a change in their society. The events which have been unfolding at Covenant University only showed that God has been the one in charge of things.

He further thanked the good Lord for his "wonderful works in building Covenant University; for running Covenant University; and for moving Covenant University from glory to glory." The university which is ranked among the best private universities in West Africa is 18 years already. However, the chancellor of the institution, Bishop Oyedepo, stated that it looks like the school is 180 years already. It is the Lords doing and it is marvelous in the eyes of everyone. He used Psalm 118 as a reference scripture.

Who is on the Lords side?
The Lords side is the winning side. For you to win as a Christian, you have to be on side of the God who has never lost a battle. Exodus 32: 26 was a reference scripture. Bishop Oyedepo also said that being on Gods side keep you and I winning all the way. Romans 8:31 says, for if God be for us, who can be against us. We cant be on Gods side without winning.

For you to be on the Lords side, you have to be ready for Gods service. You have to develop an interest for the things of God. It goes beyond just being in service; there must be an account for stewardship.

Bishop Oyedepo made reference to Jeremiah 30:21 and Ephesians 6:6 to buttress his point. He affirmed that God looks into our heart to search for our sincerity.

For you to win the battle of life, you have to be committed to the things that interest God. When we partner with Jesus, He will make us more than conquerors. We will win even without pushing; we will shine even without sweating.

Bishop Oyedepo further prayed for Gods grace for everyone to prove their stewardship with Him. He quoted Job 36:11 as he decreed grace for tireless stewardship. He also prayed that every prayer that has been made in the closet shall spring forth with rewards.

"When we commit ourselves to things of Christ, our labor will not be wasted. Endeavor to walk in the spirit and ensure that you dont provoke anybody; ensure that you dont walk into any trap. Be sober, be vigilant; Jesus will keep our going out and our coming in. There shall be no mishap. There shall be no mourning in anyones family. No sorrowing in anyone's home in the name of Jesus Christ.

"You will hear only good news from your children, grandchildren; all that has to do with it, you will hear only good news. Not one member of this Church shall be lost. Not one relation of ours shall be lost. This bloodshed by the mercy of God has finally ended today."

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