Covenant Nation is inviting Pastors for a programme titled "The Hybrid Church" | October 9 & 10

The Covenant Nation, pastored by Pastor Poju Oyemade, is calling pastors to attend this virtual programme titled "The Hybrid Church - Playing both in digital and physical spaces. The future of ministry."

According to the convener, Pastor Poju Oyemade on his Facebook page,

"As "normalcy" begins to return in some places concerning the re-opening of Churches, what lessons did we learn. Are we re-embracing a model for ministry designed for a world that may no longer exist? 
Did the season teach us something about the new "market square" where people gather to which we must now erect the altar of God to speak to people?"
"Join Rev Sam Adeyemi, Pastor Sola Fola-Alade and Pastor Poju Oyemade this Friday the 9th and on Saturday the 10th of October as we share ideas on The Hybrid Church."
The future of the onsite and online ministry. 

This webinars are designed for Church leaders and workers. The principles can also be applied to other organisations.

Admission is free. Register by clicking on 

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