Pastor Tunde Bakare, and his Unending Antagonists

The subsidy removal and increase in fuel price which led to the famous Occupy Nigeria protest in January 2012 is still evergreen in the hearts of many Nigerians. It was during the administration of former president Goodluck Jonathan. There was a widespread condemnation from notable personalities and a good number of Nigerians during that period. Among those who joined in the protest was Pastor Tunde Bakare. 

It is believed that the actions from the protesters led to the downfall of the then Goodluck Jonathan administration. With the entrance of President Muhammadu Buhari into power, there has been an increase in the cost of living for Nigerians. Hence, they grieve regularly and blamed the individuals that protested during the Jonathan led government.

However, Pastor Tunde Bakare has replied those persons who are demanding he protests against the present government. According to the renowned cleric, he did not campaign against subsidy. Rather, he campaigned against oppression of the masses. Hence, no one should drag him into joining any protest. If they so wish, they could start theirs.

The former Vice Presidential aspirant made these statements during the virtual conference organized by Senior Pastor of Covenant Christian Center, Poju Oyemade on October 1st. This information was made available by Church Gist.

These statements are a realization of where we are as a nation. In my opinion, no one personally dragged Pastor Bakare into any protest. The people only feel pained that the individuals who contributed in outsmarting Goodluck Jonathan from office are suddenly quiet to the ills of the present government. 

Like Jonathan, Like Buhari
Inasmuch we would like to praise the previous administration over the present, we must also put into consideration, the flaws of the previous administration. The government of Goodluck Jonathan was not a perfect one. However, we cannot deny his sense of growth and contribution to seeking peace in the North East region. He also helped in improving the level of education in the North.

When Pastor Tunde Bakare stated that he protested against oppression, does that mean that there is no more oppression in the present administration? Definitely not. There is no essence in holding protesters in a previous administration accountable for the challenges of the present government. 

Others can also lead a protest 
Pastor Bakare has affirmed that it is not compulsory for him to lead another protest; other persons can do it. There is truth in his sayings. He should not be held responsible for the defeat of Goodluck Jonathan in the 2015 elections. He did what any Nigerian could have done during that period. More so, the masses that joined in the protest saw the need for it. Regardless of the entertainment they got at the Ojota park.

The need for a protest leader 
The people often desire someone who would stand up for them while they function as distinguished followers. Constantly, Nigerians have clamored for famous persons to lead a protest so that others would join in airing their grievances. It is paramount to note that there is a greater tendency for the government to listen to prominent Nigerians than citizens who are not popular. Hence, the call for notable Nigerians to lead a protest is not always a bad idea. 

Nevertheless, the people must take it upon themselves to speak up when necessary. It is not all the time we wait for our spiritual leaders or celebrities to stand up for us. We should not always wait for human rights and social justice activists to speak for us before we stand up in one accord. 

Pastor Tunde Bakare felt the need to join a protest which was necessary some years ago. It is now a memory for the past, although the effect is still telling on our present circumstances. That notwithstanding, everyone must rise up to the occasion when necessary.

Who is Tunde Bakare? 
Babatunde Gbolahan Bakare, born on November 11, 1954, is an author, teacher, lawyer, activist, and cleric from Ogun state. He has been dubbed as one of the most influential political pastors in Nigeria. In the 2011 presidential elections, he served as the running mate of Muhammadu Buhari. 

He was born a Muslim but he converted in 1974 to Christianity. He is the General Overseer of The Latter Rain Assembly, a church he founded on April 1, 1989. He has been an avid critic of many political choices of sitting governments.

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