Chinese-American Christians become political enthusiasts

The United States presidential election draws close. For this reason, many persons are talking about the upcoming presidential election. In China, citizens who are partly Americans are even more divided. However, it is pertinent to note that more Christians are now being politically involved in their country.

A pastor of an Asian American church, Pastor Tina Teng-Henson, has lent her voice to the trending issue. She stated that this is a really hard time for a lot of families. Despite being faced with global pandemic, Asian Americans are currently being stressed with which candidate to vote for in the forthcoming elections. Their differences cut across cultural and generational lines.

While some family members are standing aggressively behind Joe Biden, another family is standing firmly behind Donald Trump. Their reasons are based on the manifestoes of these candidates.

According to one of these Christians, being raised a Republican did not deter from switching her allegiance in the upcoming elections. She believes that Democratic values that allow for personal decision making and support giving people the greatest political freedoms and opportunities to experience the generosity of our government are important. Hence, she supports the Democrats.

However, political parties, researchers, and pundits, do not consider Asian Americans despite being one of the fastest-growing racial demographics within the American electorate. There are expectations for an increase in the number of eligible Asian American voters.

There is also statistics that show that most recent Chinese immigrants come from mainland China, unlike previous generations that moved from more democratically inclined Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Their basis of voting in the presidential elections will include: age, family history, country of origin, denomination, geographical region, education, cultural identification, and economic status, among others.

Despite the conflict of interest from both parties, there are Chinese Americans who are standing solidly behind Joe Biden. Their reasons are related to climate change, gender and racial equality, immigration, and the pandemic. 

There are also observations from every corner. These observations are ruled out from the fact that every one cannot have the same ideology. Pastor Tina Teng-Henson said, as the next generation grows up, they move from Sunday school to youth group to a separate English-language service. 

More often than not, that service eventually splits off into another church altogether. The differences in language, culture, and value systems are just too significant for parents and children to remain in the same congregation.

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