7 Evergreen Christian Films to Watch

Christians have developed ways to build their faith. For most persons, they rely on reading the word of God. Reading Christian-based books and listening to gospel songs have also strengthened the faith of many persons. Also, watching movies that propagate the gospel of Christ has restored many lives back to God's kingdom. 

This article outlines seven Christian movies that are still evergreen despite the time of production. The movies are as follows:

1. The Greatest Story Ever Told

This movie was centered on the life of Jesus. It was shot in the United States in 1965 and directed by George Stevens. This movie is notable for using a large number of casts to portray the life of Jesus and his achievements on earth. The efforts of the cast and crew were recognized as The Greatest Story Ever Told got five academy awards.

2. Jesus of Nazareth
This movie depicted the life of Jesus Christ, from the time of his birth till when he died and resurrected. It was acted in 1977 with over 6 hours running time. Jesus was acted by British actor Robert Powell. The movie was directed by Franco Zeffirelli. Likewise, Anne Bancroft played a major role in the movie as she acted as Mary Magdalene.

3. Ben Hur

This is one award winning movie in the 20th century. It was produced in 1959 and it became the first religious film to make the Vatican approved film list. The movie chronicles the life of Judah Ben-Hur, a rich trader in Jerusalem, acted by Charlton Heston. Judah Ben-Hur was helped by Jesus when he was enslaved. This help was reciprocated during Jesus crucifixion. He also helped Jesus by giving him water when he was being crucifixion. 

Ben Hur also got a formidable recognition at the Academy Awards as it was the first movie to win 11 Academy Awards.

4. The Passion of the Christ

This movie is one of the most popular movies based on the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. The Passion of the Christ had raw details on the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. It was directed by Mel Gibson and attracted some criticisms due to the flogging Jesus received in the movie. However, some persons praised the efforts of the producers and noted that the movie was not as violent as some persons stated it to be.

According to reports, The Passion of the Christ stands as the highest grossing religious film in worldwide box office of all time. This movie has led many persons to Christ including a good number of the cast and crew.

5. The Ten Commandments

This movie depicts the life of Moses, an Egyptian prince. The Ten Commandments transcends from the stage of Moses as a young adopted prince to where he delivered a Hebrew who was his brethren. In addition, Moses became a leader whose mission reached Mount Sinai where God gave him the Ten Commandments.

The voice of God in the movie was not given credit to. The voice was modified with other sound effects. Hence, no one could ascertain who owned the voice. According to sources, The Ten Commandments became the most successful film of 1956. The efforts of the cast and crew did not go unnoticed as the movie got six academy nominations. In addition, it won the award for Best Effects at the Academy Awards.

6. The Nativity Story

The movie depicts the life of Mary and Joseph. It also talks about the journey to Bethlehem where Jesus was born. The film was released on December 1, 2006, at the beginning of the Advent.

The Nativity Story became the first feature film to be premiered at the Vatican. The Nativity Story was somewhat challenging because the casts were taught ways some of the tools in the movie will be used. This was because these tools were ancient. In addition, they were taught to do certain things as it happened in the Bible.

7. Mary Magdalene

This movie depicted Mary Magdalene as one woman who followed Jesus diligently during his earthly ministry. She was portrayed by the talented actress Rooney Mara. This movie was well acted; the script was written by Philippa Goslett and Helen Edmundson. In the movie, Mary Magdalene started out as a prostitute who later went into rehab. Thereafter, she followed Jesus earnestly. This movie taught the viewers the benefit of discipleship.

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