The Force of Faith and the Lazy Christian

Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. This is one portion of the Bible that has helped many persons to scale through hurdles.

Life comes with its intricacies; you need a certain of strength to excel genuinely. Faith goes beyond mere wishful thinking; it is a force that keeps you going on a cause.

Have you ever had a project you embarked on; you put in all the necessary efforts and still you had a lot of challenges? Have you ever thought of throwing in the towel because you got tired of waiting endlessly? People go through tough situations daily. They have thrived; yet results do not seem forthcoming.

Put on the Whole Armor of Faith

Faith goes beyond believing that you would achieve your goals at the end of the day. It involves unending actions till your goals are achieved. Do you desire to gain admission into the higher institution but your results are still poor? Faith requires you to study harder and pray towards your desire.

There is nothing wrong with crying over your present setbacks. Nevertheless, we must always put it in our hearts that challenges are meant to push us into our promised land. In 1Corinthians 10:13, we are told that the challenges that come our way are not more than what we can handle. More so, our heavenly father will always device a way of escape for us all.

Notable Examples of Men of Faith

In the Bible, we have notable persons who put on the whole armor of faith. Abraham did not talk about being a man of faith with mere words. He worked with actions. Actions speak louder than voice, many people say. More so, showing your faith is a test of character. Abraham proved his love for God through his faith. Hence, he was called a blessed man, father of many nations, and a friend of God.

Also, Job was a man of faith. His faith helped him to overcome the many trials he had in a phase of his life. Job’s faith prevented him from cursing God. He knew his maker and he was certain that his maker will not abandon him.

In this present century, there are many men and women who are defiant to their cause. The road has not been smooth for them but they have not given up on their goals, still. They push everyday; they embrace hard work, consistency, perseverance, and God’s grace. It is only a matter of time before they win.

Faith without Works is dead

Many persons take the grace of God for granted. It is true that God feeds all flesh and He will provide for our needs according to His riches in glory. However, is that an excuse for us not to work? Is that a reason for us to wait on the Lord for everything?

When you are hungry, do you wait on the Lord before you eat? The grace of God should propel us to become more steadfast because we know we have a backing that reward all our deeds.

If you say you have faith, I will ask you, where is thy works? You want God to bless you; what have you done so far for God to bless? There is nothing wrong with prayer and fasting. In fact, they are very essential for our Christian faith. However, we must not take the grace of God for granted.

Pastors are not perfect; they work with grace and discipline

Many a times, people rely on their pastors to do almost everything for them. A pastor who has his own family and challenges often becomes a marriage coach, relationship expert, doctor, mediator, teacher, and even a lawyer for some of their members. Pastors who are not strong enough to bear the burdens of these church members often become overwhelmed.

It is quite pertinent to note that a Pastor is a human who have been bestowed with a level of grace to preach the gospel of Christ Jesus. Meeting him for prayer regularly is not wrong. However, what are you doing for yourself personally? Are you a lazy Christian who relies on your pastor to tell you the kind of job you should do and the kind of food you should eat? Or do you seek for God by yourself?

Do you pray to God often or do you build your faith solely on what the man of God says? Remember, faith without work is dead. For you to grow in life, you have to grow your faith consistently.

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