Book Review: Hope For The Troubled Heart by Billy Graham

Life is a journey. Along the line we meet challenges that often question our faith and trouble our heart.

When trials and challenges come, how do you overcome them? How do you triumph? 

In Billy Graham’s book, Hope For The Troubled Heart, the renowned American preacher gave us an insight on ways to overcome pain. In this 14-chapter-book with 230 pages, originally published in 1990, Graham espoused hope for every believer.

Graham started out the first chapter talking about the pains most persons feel; the pain of wars, rejection, abuse, and its likes, in this world. Often, they feel like all hope is lost. However, he stated that our suffering is not in vain. 

The next chapter talked about God’s unfailing love and His desire to be with us despite the hopelessness we may feel. Hope is the effect every believer needs to pull through sufferings.

Consequently in Chapter 3-7, there is a message about pain and its causes, why Jesus suffered, the cross as a symbol of suffering, and why we suffer as Christians. What do we do when we hurt and when our heart is breaking from setbacks and grief, was a vital question with answers in Chapter 8 and 9.

When you feel like all hope is lost, the fourth man in the fire shows up. This was an assurance in Chapter 10.  Furthermore, Graham talked about how to pray through the pain in Chapter 11. He admonished believers not to panic. More so, he stated that prayer is a place in our hearts; we must ask for His will to be done in our lives.

The need to store up for the storm and how to help hurting people was the centre of discussion in Chapter 12 and 13. The last chapter talked about the schoolroom for heaven, death as the coronation of the Christain, and hope being restored in general for every believer in Christ Jesus

About the Author

Billy Graham was a renowned American evangelist who was known for his doggedness to spread the gospel of Christ Jesus across the world. He was born on November 7, 1918 and he died on February 21, 2018. His other books include Peace with God: Secret to Happiness, Nearing Home, Just as I am, The Journey, The Heaven Answer Book, and many more.

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