Strive to make an Impact - Bishop Oyedepo admonishes Christians

The blessings of the Lord make us rich and add no sorrow. This is one portion of the bible that is well lived by the president of Living Faith Church, Bishop David Oyedepo. The renowned preacher has been manifesting Gods glory and preaching His word for over four decades. His faith in Christ Jesus has blossomed over the years. Hence, he advises his flocks that if they want to make a name for themselves, they must be newsmakers, and not just noisemakers.

Bishop Oyedepo made this admonition in one of his recent preaching. In his words, those persons casting aspersion at him are simply wasting their time; their opinions do not count. More so, their words hold no weight in his life.

He added that he has been proclaiming the good news since 1976. Meanwhile, those persons who are mere noisemakers started out in 2020. When he was already on his feet, they were still learning A, B, and C.

Also, the preacher stated that the honor a man gets is as temporal as his existence. However, the honor from God continues even after the man has departed from earth. Hence, every individual must be focused on their life's journey.

Every Church needs focus to grow

Furthermore, Bishop Oyedepo said that for the church to grow; there has to be people who are focused. He buttressed his point with a scriptural backing from Luke 14:23. The glory of the Church banks majorly on saints who participate in its growth.

Furthermore, he affirmed the need to take charge. We should not wait to be allowed-in before we come-in; we have to take the first step. Then, people will listen to us. Hence, as we reach out to the lost souls, we must continue to sow the seed of the Word. That way, we would water them. 

Likewise, continuous watering of the seed would ensure that the church enjoys supernatural growth. With time, the seed will get to the stage of being harvested. Besides, constant praying for the souls will also ensure that they grow in the faith. He backed up this statement from 1 Corinthians 3:6.

Also, he stated that it is his desire to see that every flock is delivered from the oppression of the wicked. With dedication to things of God, it is certain that God will equally reward his servants. 

In his preaching, Bishop David Oyedepo blessed his flock. In his words, God shall take away shame and reproach from every Winner who participates in the service of God; honor shall befall every one of them who partners in bringing multitudes to God; they shall see a revival very soon.

A revival is certain for the salvation of souls. It is a sign of divine manifestation. There are amazing packages for those who participate in the harvesting of souls. Their reward is amazing packages. Any form of shame and reproach planned for them is replaced with fame and praise.

Noisemakers do not last. Be a newsmaker

Furthermore, the Bishop stated that for every individual to grow in life, he or she must make an impact. It goes beyond talking. Actions must be taken, regardless. For a man to succeed, he must make impact. He must avoid noisemaking and embrace news making. Likewise, he said that in any sporting event, commentators do not have names in any event.

If you want to be a star player, you will have to go beyond being a commentator. You have to get on the field of play. It's the impact you put on the field of play that determines if you are a star player or not. Hence, you have to wake up from your slumber.

He also proclaimed that for this year, about 6,000 churches have been planted in spite of the ‘lockdown or lock up’. This is to the glory of Jesus. Even without light in the villages, Jesus moved mightily. For the fact that the church was planting churches despite the lockdown is actually news. More so, it will stand the test of time.

In essence, every believer must strive to make news that will last for generations; and not join the crowd to make noise that will fade away in no time.

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