Damilola Mike-Bamiloye marks 32nd birthday

Birthdays are a memorable moment of our lives. It is a day to relish days we cherish and recount God’s glory in our lives. Movie producer and son of Mike Bamiloye, Nigerian Christian film maker, Damilola Mike-Bamiloye marked his birthday yesterday - September 16th, 2020. He has received many wishes on his special day.

Among the notable wishes on social media are those he received from his wife Emmauella, and his younger brother Joshua.

In her birthday message to him, Emmanuella stated that the world would have been incomplete if there was no September 16th on the calendar. Likewise, if her husband was not born, many lives will not be where they are today. More so, he is a blessing to his generation and his family. She also added that she is amazed that he is her husband and she did nothing to deserve all the love that she gets from him.

In her words, may the good Lord blessed her abundantly and exceedingly above her desires and she is forever grateful. She prayed that God will continue to bless her husband and increase him in every ramification. He shall continue to do exploit in all his endeavors. She wished him a happy birthday and professed her love for him.

Joshua Mike-Bamiloye, younger brother of Damilola Mike-Bamiloye also had things to say about him on his birthday. While many persons were adding recent photos of Damilola, Joshua added younger-looking pictures of his brother and tagged them as his years of early beginning.

Damilola Mike-Bamilola is the first son of renowned Christian film maker, Evangelist Mike Bamiloye. He is the pioneer of Christian movies in the country. He started out his drama ministry, Mount Zion Faith Ministry, as far back as 1985. Over the years, Mount Zion Films have produced more than 50 movies including Agbara Nla, Apoti Eri, Hunting Shadows, The gods are dead, Fruitless Tree, One Careless Night, The Forgotten Ones, and many more.

Damilola Mike-Bamiloye is following his father’s footsteps in the production of Christian movies. Among the numerous movies he has produced so far is The Train, one of the most views Christian films on YouTube. The Train chronicles the life of his father and his journey into Christian films production in Nigeria and beyond. 

The young film producer is the pride of his parents. As he adds another year, may he continue to soar on the path that he has chosen. Amen.

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