Pastor Tony Evans: Christians should vote for Godly candidates

The United States is gearing up for its forthcoming elections. The electorates have been advised to vote wisely. One person who has taken it upon himself to implore the citizens to vote right is Pastor Tony Evans of the Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship, Texas.

In his message to Christians, Pastor Evans noted that the people should have regard and place value on life both inside and outside as they go to the polls. He also made mention of the need to honor human dignity according to Gods word. Failure to adhere to Gods word shall lead to disaster.

More so, life and its value tend to be disrespected when God is not included in the affairs of the government. In our quest to vote right, we must think about life in itself. In this instance, Pastor Evans is talking about pre-born life and post-born life.

The cleric went on to condemn abortion and its effect. He also buttressed his point by asking what would have become of us if Mary had gone ahead to commit abortion; Jesus our savior would not have been born. Furthermore, he likened abortion as an attack against God. Inasmuch as you desire the government to protect you, it is paramount to put God first in all that you do. Also, making God happy is more important than what any politician can offer you. 

It is paramount to note that 40% of United States voters believe that abortion is very vital to their votes. More so, there are people who are pro-life and would prefer to vote for candidates who believe in pro-life. Meanwhile, people who are pro-choice would also prefer to vote for pro-choice.

Pastor Evans preached on the need for the government to pass laws that seek for the protection of the dignity of life, even outside the womb. The protection of the dignity of life even outside the womb includes taking adequate care of the health of children and providing adequate education for them. 

Also, Pastor Evans decried the rate at which Christians accept ungodly laws. When Christians do not speak against it, it means that they accept it. He further buttressed his point with a quote from the bible Psalm 89:14. The cleric said that he does not care about mere words or assumptions that people would understand that they are not supporting abortion. There should be a protest against abortion- pre or post- as they are both not right.

More so, the citizens must vote for a government that seeks for the protection of their interests, especially their lives. The government should be held accountable for every decision they make.

The cleric also made mention of the need for Christians to vote right. They should not shield themselves of their responsibilities. They should also ensure that they vote according to their conscience and be firm about what they want in life.

Kingdom Voting

Likewise, Pastor Evans spoke about kingdom voting. Kingdom voting is an avenue for Christians to participate in the government of their country by electing candidates with moral values. More so, their views about life should tally with that of God. We have to be serious about it. If not, we would get results that will not be palatable.

It is pertinent to note that it is not only Pastor Evans that is concerned about Kingdom voting. Other pastors are also supporting the ideology.

Senior pastor of Christ Presbyterian Church in Nashville, Tennesse, Scott Sauls, have also lent his voice to the issue. The cleric who is also a bestselling author noted that Christians must be fully involved in the affairs of the government. They should also not hold back in criticizing any wrongdoing by the government.

In addition, Pastor Saul spoke on the need to feel homeless as we take our stand on political issues. Even as we stand with a particular party, we should not deviate from tackling important issues that affect the particular party. We must not be biased in analyzing issues.

Pastor Tony Evans also concluded that Christians are somewhat becoming bad examples of who God wants us to become. For Christians to show good examples as a righteous people that they are, they must do what pleases the Lord.

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