Pastor Adeboye and Wife Celebrate 53rd Wedding Anniversary

Marriage is a beautiful institution created by God. For Pastor Enoch and Folu Adeboye, they have been in the institution for the past 53 years. On September 8, 1967, they tied the nuptial knot. 53 years down the line, the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God and his wife have been basking in the euphoria of God’s grace.

Their marriage has been a wholesome journey of blessings and testimonies. Many a time, Pastor Adeboye is known to give out advice on how to sustain a marriage. He also uses Bible quotes to back what he teaches. With the way and manner the 78-year-old preacher talks about his 72-year-old beloved wife, it is only natural that the couple live a perfect examples of what they preach.

There are many factors that has helped the marriage of the septuagenarians stand the test of time. 53 years is a long time and enough evidence that whatever methods they adopt to sustain their marriage has worked for them. I have outlined three observations based on the teachings of Pastor Enoch Adeboye.

The Place of Submission

Often, Pastor Adeboye talks about submission as an important factor to sustain a marriage. For him and his wife, it is one of their secrets. According to the preacher, his wife does whatever he asks her to do. If they are to go for any ministration, no matter what she has to do, she has to go with him if he needs her.

However, some persons have criticized this notion of submission by Pastor Adeboye. Many individuals believe that it is archaic for Mrs. Adeboye not to have a say on matters in the marriage. However the varying opinions, one thing is certain, there is love in the marriage and Mrs. Adeboye chose that path with him without complaining. 53 years down the line, they are still waxing stronger together.

God’s blessing is needed to grow a marriage 
It is very evident that Pastor Enoch and Folu Adeboye are enjoying God’s blessings in their marriage. There is so much for them to be grateful for. Beyond being blessed with children, it is pertinent to note that the couple has never been involved in any scandal in the public. Controversies are far from them. Beyond the social media jives being thrown at them here and there, the couple have always remained peaceful.

Godliness and uprightness sustain every home

Obviously, Pastor Adeboye and his beloved wife are Godly people. They do not strive to please the world. They live according to God’s principles and they have never been found wanting of any act that will stain their marriage. 

Naturally, situations may arise that would lead to the couple arguing at one point in their marriage. However, their ability to hold God strong has kept them standing for the past 53 years and still counting.

There is the temptation that follows most persons; either in marriage, business, or even in matters of friendship. How do you react when such situations happen? Being upright will help you to overcome every challenge that may come your way. Temptations are bound to happen but with the right attitude, we can scale through.

Many persons have joined the renowned preacher and his wife to celebrate this great event in their lives. 

On the Instagram page of the Redeemed Christian Church of God @rccg_pr posted, ‘’Happy wedding anniversary to our father in the Lord and mother in Israel, Pastor and Pastor Mrs. E.A. Adeboye. It is our prayer that God will continually bless your marriage. God will prosper the works of your hands and continually make your marriage one to emulate in Jesus name."

Pastor Folu Adeboye also said, ‘’Its been 53 years of Joy, Love and blessings and every moment  with @pastoreaadeboyeofficial still feels like we just fell in love over again. I bless God for how far he has brought us and I pray for everyone that wishes for a home like ours and even more, God will grant all your heart desires in Jesus name."

Pastor Adeboye also thanked and appreciated all those who brought gifts for them. He said, ‘’I really appreciate all the wishes and gifts sent across today to celebrate the 53rd wedding anniversary of me and my wife @pastorfoluadeboye. You will live long and your marriages would be filled with Joy as well in Jesus name.”

Happy 53rd wedding anniversary to the couple. May God continue to bless their home.

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