Movie Review: God Calling - A story about faith, obedience.

Movies have a special place in our lives. From telling stories, people get entertained and educated. More so, many lives have been touched directly or indirectly. Movies that are aimed at propagating the gospel of Christ Jesus are fast gaining an entrance into the homes of various individuals across the world. Among the notable movies that have been produced to cultivate the gospel of Christ is 'God Calling'. 

The 2018 movie was written and directed by BB Sasore. God Calling was produced by Momo Spaine and featured acts like Zainab Balogun as Sade, Karibi Fubara as Francis, Ademola Adedoyin as Angel, Eku Edewor as Asa, Tina Mba as Sade's mother, and many more.

The 2 hour movie started with the little daughter of Sade and Francis, Lola, asking her mom if they can go to church after two months of being absent. The mom agrees to the excitement of her daughter and husband. On their way to church, the woman complained about her husband giving money to beggars on the streets. 

In the process of the church service, the pastor preaches on the need to listen to God's calling. According to him, every single one of us is being called by God. When we feel like we cannot be used, that is when God chooses to use us. "Madam, God is calling you," the pastor says facing Sade.

Sade leaves the church with her family while complaining that pastors are only after money. Subsequently, Sade reflects the character of a woman who abuses drugs and whose faith in God is shaken. 

Her husband is also being berated by his parents for not visiting the village since he got married to the daughter of his boss. Many other conversations added up.

Sade is surrounded by friends who are always there for her. However, one of her friends was battling with a cheating husband. Constantly, she complains about her husband to Sade and their other friend. In the course of their conversation, they laugh and relief themselves of the burdens of their hearts.

In one of her conversations with her friend, Sade leaves her house as she stepped out to receive the call. At this point, her little daughter, Lola puts on the gas cooker in the process of trying to make lunch for her family. As soon as she struck the matches, the whole building was raised in flames.

God calling trailer

'God Calling' got to a stage where Sade exhibited anger and rage because she lost her only daughter in that unfortunate incident. During the funeral, Sade kept having calls from 'God' on her phone. 

The calls kept coming and it started to drive her crazy. Her behaviour made Francis to blame her for the death of their child. She gets frustrated that she decided to commit suicide. She dares God to prove himself and save her if He is truly the one.

God proves himself faithful to her even as she threw herself over the bridge. For saving her life, she believed that God was truly calling her. However, her husband disapproves of his wife's decision to go on a missionary journey. She visits her daughter's grave to seek for God's strength.

Amongst other events in the movie, Francis finally decides to follow Sade on her mission after she was hospitalized. Their decision to go on their missionary journey causes a controversy as her father refuses her decision. Hence, he went to the home of his son in-law. 

Francis' parents disagree with Sade's father in his desire for them to follow him to the city to persuade their children. He sleeps outside till they follow him. In the morning, an angel appeared to him and gives him a brief chronicle of his life. He did not leave him without healing his leg by restoring it back to its previous state as it was amputated during the civil war.

Francis' parents (acted by Onyeka Onwenu and Nkem Owoh) finally agreed to follow Sade's father (acted by Richard Mode Damijo) to Lagos. They go with their kinsmen. A prayer is said for Sade who is already pregnant and Francis as they begin their journey to obey God's calling. Other events also unfold before the movie was brought to a wrap.

Theme of the Movie

The pain of loss:

It is quite painful to lose a loved one. Lola was the only daughter of the couple. It was a tough one for them. It escalated Sades anger against the things of God.

Negative effects of drug:
So little, yet powerful. Sade abused drugs which made her to almost take her life.

The power of positive friendship:
While she encouraged her friend whose spouse was cheating, Sade helped her out. Her friends were also there for her when she decided to obey God's calling.

God can use anybody:
Sade was never dedicated to Christ. She did drugs but God still used her. This shows that God can use anyone he chooses. He is a lifter of all men.

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