Maximize Your Singlehood, Maximize Your Potentials

Many a time, people have been asked what brings them fulfillment. For some persons, it is money. Another school of thought ascribes their fulfillment to bearing children that will continue their name to future generations. Nevertheless, many persons –singles in particular- believe that getting married would crown their joy in life. Hence, they live for that day. Everything they find themselves doing, it is because they would see their better-half some day.

There is nothing wrong with aiming to get married. In fact, it is a beautiful institution created by God. However, for any individual to stay committed to it, he or she has to be prepared for it wholly. Likewise, no individual should pause his or her life in expectation to be in an institution without plans.

Why Young People Are Pressured to get Married

1. The Society
The society is a major contributor of the pressure most persons feel about marriage. There is an assumption that if you are not married at a particular age, you are probably becoming too old to get married. This assumption has made many persons, especially ladies, to believe that once they clock 30 years, they have less chances to meeting a better-half. Nevertheless, there are many women and men out there who do not care about what the society says about their marital status. They simply live their lives the best ways they can.

2. Peer Group
Regularly, we feel compelled to do some certain things because our peers have done so. Beyond the quest to aspire for greater heights, there are many persons who feel that because their friends are married, they should also get married. That has caused many persons to fall into wrong relationships and marriages. We cannot also rule out the influence of our parents too.

Singles are Complete Beings

There are notions that believe that singles are incomplete beings except they get married. This assumption has thrown many singles into a distraught state. Also, it has led to desperation and unhappiness among many singles. When God created man, He saw what He created and called it good. There is no place in the Bible that stated that the woman or man is incomplete except he or she is married.

It is pertinent to note that God does not approve people condemning others because of one reason or the other. Likewise, saying that an individual is incomplete sounds insulting to his or her maker. God does not make things incomplete.

We are all complete in ourselves. It is good that we recognize how amazing we are as God’s own. The more we recognize our beauties and uniqueness, the healthier our self esteem we would be.

Maximize your Singlehood
There are certain individuals that feel lonely being single. However, can I remind these folks that being alone is different from being lonely? Do you know that you can be in a crowd and still be lonely when you do not blend properly? Have you ever thought about being in a relationship, yet, you do not feel like the relationship has no headway?

Being single has its numerous benefits; same with being married. I believe happiness is a state of mind. While we are not berating the need to plan towards getting married, can we also talk about the beauty of being single? As a single lady or guy, you have enough time to plan your life. You have potentials to maximize. You cannot afford to waste your time in frivolities when you can ‘explore’ life. Learn new things and fashion out ways to fulfill your dreams.

You do not necessarily have to wait for any man or woman before you live your life. Happiness is a choice and it is free. Learn to enjoy your company as a single man and lady. Do not wait for anyone to make you happy before you do so. Dedicate your time to the service of God in His vineyard. Take yourself for outings and give yourself a treat. You are whole as a single. You have a lot of greatness in you that can be explored if you take out time to take proper care of yourself.

Place yourself first as a single person. Know that whatever decision you make, it can either make or mar you. Hence, what would you prefer to do? Would you prefer to hurt yourself with sleepless nights and complaints about why you are still single when your mates are married? Or would you take proper care of yourself, have dreams, exhale, and live your life to the fullest. So that when your life partner comes, his or her love will only be an icing on the cake.

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