Book Review: ‘Life’s Not Fair but God Is Good’ by Robert H. Schuller

Life comes with intricacies. It is not a bed of roses, many persons would say. Often, we are faced with trials and challenges that test our faith. Situations which seem beyond our control have thrown us into a state of agony and depression. Nevertheless, it has not stopped God from being who He is. 1Cor 10:13 made us to understand that the challenges we face are not more than what we can handle. More so, God will always provide a way of escape for us.

American renowned positive thinker Robert H. Schuller has outlined ways people can turn every obstacle into a step on the road to greater faith, hope, and happiness in his 256-page book ‘Life’s Not Fair But God Is God’.

The eight-chapter book espoused ways God has been our fortress especially when we need Him the most. In the first chapter, Schuller said, ‘’Life’s not fair; you hear it everywhere.’’ The cruelty of life starts at a young age. Children get denied with what they deserve. Even at our work places, we meet colleagues who are hell bent on tarnishing our image. Often, we get harsh treatments despite our good deeds.

Our hearts may not be strong enough to harbor evil; hence we stick to being the good guy and lady. In spite of our good practices, life still throws unfair rewards at us. However, there are ways we can overlook their evil deeds. In Galatians 6: 7, the Bible made us to understand that whatever a man sows, he shall reap.

Likewise, Eccl. 11:1 says; cast your bread upon the waters, for you will find it after many days. In addition, we should not relent in doing good; do your part and watch the universe adjust for your sake. 

Daily we face obstacles. Are we going to allow the difficulties of life stop us from being who we are? Embrace positivity at all times. Do not give room for distraction or negative thoughts. They would definitely come. 

Also, remember that good things happen to bad people and bad things happen to good people. Besides, do not confuse the facts of life with the acts of God. 

Schuller also added that whatever negative realities come our way – in the final analysis, we will be generously vindicated and rewarded if we will keep the faith. 

Chapter Two laid emphasis on the game of blame and shame. Many persons believe that they do not deserve to go through tough times. 

‘’Why me?’’ This is one question that many persons ask when they face trials and afflictions. If you do not go through the tough times, who will? Who do you feel should have the problems you are facing? 

It is paramount to note that trials are only for a while. If we persevere and keep our hopes alive, our challenges will become a thing of the past.

In Chapter Three, the renowned author stated that if you get disappointed, it is normal. Do you often feel discouraged? Not bad. However, should you feel defeated? Never!

Many a time, we get disappointed over unmet expectations. It could lead to feelings of discouragement which is quite normal. However, we must make sure that we do not give in to defeat. Disappointments are a part of our lives. We have to be strong when we experience them.

Life’s not fair? Let prayer be your next resort. This is the core message of chapter four. Many persons rely on their strength to excel in life. At times, they undermine the effect of prayer and disregard the need for it. The place of prayer cannot be replaced no matter how hardworking we may be. When you pray, endeavor to listen attentively as you anticipate God’s response to your requests. In addition, constant praises to God stimulates His answers.

Chapter five and six espoused ways we can adopt courage and stay focused on our life’s journey. We must be courageous as we face life’s challenges. Truly, life is not fair but God is still good. Hence, we have to be focused and stay strong for ourselves. 

Chapter seven and eight talked about the need to forgive ourselves for being victims of conditions that befell us. That way, we can embrace our freedom. At this point, we have to believe in our abilities and shake off every feeling of victimization. Life may not be fair, but God is still good.

About the Author
Robert Harold Schuller was an American pastor, author, and motivational speaker. He was born on September 16, 1926 and he died on April 2, 2015. His other books include:
-Tough times never last but Tough people do
-the Be Happy Attitudes.
-Move ahead with possibility thinking.
-Success is never ending, failure is never final.

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