Sagrada Familia Basilica in Barcelona gets building permit after 137 years.

The famous Roman Catholic church, Sagrada Familia Basilica based in Barcelona, has finally gotten a permit after 137 years, according to a Twitter post by Janet Sanz, in charge of urban planning.

Barcelona's city council awarded the license to the committee in charge of completing the construction of the church for 4.6 million euros ($5.2 million)

The building license allows construction to continue and the building is expected be completed in 2026.

The temple was designed by Catalan architect, Antoni Gaudi, who according to a Friday blog post from the church, asked for a permit in 1885 from the city council of Sant Martí de Provençals, but never received a response.

Construction started in 1882 and Gaudí worked on the project up until his death. Unfortunately he was hit by a tram outside the construction site in 1926. It is estimated that the building was around 20 per cent complete at that time. 

Following Gaudí's death, construction was halted by the civil war, when the majority of the architect's original plans were lost. The current design is based on reconstructed plans and models.

The current plan is to complete the building in time to celebrate the centenary of the architect's death.

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