Justin Bieber Cancels his Tour To Rededicate His life to Christ

No official reason was given when Justin Bieber announced recently that he wouldn’t be continuing his remaining tour for his Purpose album.

This decision was said to have come as a shock and disappointment to his fans. His crew members of about 200 people were equally dejected as they are reportedly going to lose financially too.

However TMZ is reporting that he took the decision so as to rededicate his life to Christ. He is known to have been close to one of the pastors of New York’s Evangelical Global Church, Hillsong, Pastor Carl Lentz .

He has had a spiritual relationship with the pastor since 2008. But lately, he seems to be closer to the pastor, after being seen at a Christian event held by the pastor in Australia.

He has gone through a roller-coaster since becoming famous at a young age. From hosting wild parties to being booked for driving under the influence of a substance, he was definitely heading downhill.

Lately however, he seems to be on a soul searching journey. It would be recalled that he joined Ariana Grande at the fund raising concert that was held in honour of the Manchester bomb victims.

Before performing his hit “Love Yourself”, he prayed for the crowd while holding back tears.

“God is good in the midst of darkness. God is good in the midst of evil. God is in the midst, no matter what is happening in the world. And he loves you, and he’s here for you,” he said.

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