BOUQUI is back.....With a new single "Underground" (@Bouquiofficial)

Foremost Nigerian rapper, BOUQUI, is back with a bang. And she returns with a new single titled "Underground".

BOUQUI has been away from all social media platforms for the past six months and she just broke the silence recently where she uploaded the artwork for the coming single “Underground” with the message "Back from the ashes like a PHOENIX with a sound from the "UNDERGROUND". Anticipate nu single. Countdown begins. #bouqiunstoppable #3 #producedmixedmastered by Dapotorimiro..missed you all.."
According to BOUQUI, the song is an anthem for a generation that is rising up from the underground, and we have no doubt in our minds that BOUQUI is the general leading this army.

The new song "Underground" which was produced, mixed and mastered by Dapo Torimiro for Dapo Torimiro Productions according to her publicist would be the first single off @bouquiunstoppable's 5th studio album and was recorded in Hollywood California, USA.

Listen to the song and download.

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