South African Bishops Call for Voting of Credible Candidates

The South African Catholic Bishops' Conference has called on the country's faithful to perform their civic duty by voting for credible and patriotic candidates. The Bishops' appeal was contained in a Pastoral letter issued at the end of the conference plenary addressed to the faithful citizens of the country. 

It was signed by Archbishop William Slattery OFM, the president of the Bishops' Conference.

While praying that the elections will usher-in leaders who will contribute to building the society desired for the country by God, the Bishops declared :"These elections come at a time when many are struggling with unemployment, the rising cost of living, household debt, lack of basic resources, the slow pace of service delivery, and high levels of crime.". 

The Bishops added: "We need mayors and councilors who have genuine concern for the economy and other hardships that our citizens are enduring. No one wants leaders who are intent on making money and are only interested in part politics.''

The Bishops called for a free and fair election and also called on the country's political parties to refrain from inflammatory, intimidating and inappropriate statements.

The 2016 Municipal Elections will to take place on Wednesday, 3 August 2016 and this day has been declared a public holiday in South Africa by President Zuma.

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