Baptist Pastor Attacked by Fulani Herdsmen

Few days after a slain pastor in one part of Nasarawa State (Nigeria) was buried, a Muslim Fulani herder in another part of the state cut off part of the hand of another pastor while he was working on his farm.

The Rev'd. Hamza Alkali, 66 reportedly had the rest of his hand and wrist amputated after the attack. 

Recounting his ordeal, the Pastor said the Fulani herder could have succeeded in taking his life if God was not with him, because he told the Fulani herder that God created him (Pastor Hamza) in his image and will not give him power to kill me.

Pastor Alkali said when he first saw the herdsman coming onto his farm, he thought he was just passing through. He continued working until the Fulani herdsman came to him to ask for his phone which he told him he left at home. The Fulani man insisted that the Pastor give him his phone after which he pulled out his sword and attacked the Pastor. The Pastor tried to protect his face by raising his hands up and within seconds the sword cut off his left hand into two. 

The Pastor saw part of his cut-off hand on the ground bouncing around. The Pastor rushed at the Fulani man, wrestled with him and held him in spite of his bleeding hand. While on the ground the herdsman was still gripping the sword, but the Pastor managed to take it from him and the herdsman ran away.

Then the Pastor shouted for help and some Christians working on farms close to his, came to rescue him and took him to the hospital.

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