Scripture 4 Millenials offers the Bible in Emojis

Scripture 4 Millennials is an Emoji Bible for iPhone and iPad as an Ebook and offers a 3,330-word translation of the King James Bible for $2.99.

The creator, who is anonymous claimed the idea came while trying to tweet full bible verses without breaking the character limit.
“I thought if we fast forwarded 100 years in the future, an emoji bible would exist,” the anonymous creator told the Guardian, “so I thought it’d be fun to try to make it.

“I wanted to make it similar to how you might text or tweet a bible verse, by shrinking the total character count.”

Users can themselves translate phrases from the religious book on the website

The site says: ‘enter ur fave Bible verse on the left’ and that ’emoji awesomeness appears on the right.’

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