"What will I use the money for?" - Edo CAN Chairman denies N7b bribe allegation

In the wake of the N7 billion bribery allegations levelled against the national leadership of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), the Edo state chapter Chairman of the religious body, Peter Imasuen, has vehemently denied sharing the largess which was reportedly given by Goodluck Jonathan.
A Borno-based pastor, Musa Dikwa had alleged on February 16, that CAN had gotten the money on 26 January, 2015 and had distributed N3 million to each state chairman across the country to tarnish the image of Muhammadu Buhari and support the re-election of President Jonathan.

Imasuen who is also the Bishop of Anglican Communion, Benin Diocese, claimed he wasn't present at the last CAN meeting and had no knowledge of any bribe money, let alone collecting it as the state chairman.

The Bishop said, “I am not a politician. What we owe the country is prayers. So, I don’t know anything about (the) money. They didn’t give me any money and I was not even there when we had the last CAN meeting. At that time, we were having the standing committee at Ughelli (Delta State). So, how would they have given me money when I was not at the meeting?”

‎When asked if he would have accepted the largesse if he had been present, Imasuen replied: “Collect the money for what? What will I use the money for? We are men of God, we are to pray for the peace of the country. At the time you now take money, how will God answer your prayer? I don’t run after riches. I run after blessings; riches come and go but blessings remain.‎”

Describing the allegation as one peddled by persons whom he described as “self-made pastors and bishops” who could say anything to cause disunity, Bishop Imasuen stated that he was only interested in performing his responsibility as a cleric, rather than engaging in partisan politics.

“Even if you give me money, I would be afraid; I ‎will not sleep because the politicians will be after you, everybody will be after you, the thieves will know that you have money. So, I will rather relax my mind and be okay with whatever God gives me.

“There many people who are self-made pastors or bishops; they can say anything. If you do ‎something I don’t like, for instance, I can go back and do certain things to distabilise you.

“I don’t belong to any party; once I know that you are a credible person, I can vote (for) you; vote for those that can stand and defend this country. We are praying God to give us a leader who will lead us and lead the youths,” he said.

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