Five Great Needs Only God Can Fulfill

Everyone has human needs that go beyond the physical. If we have food, water, and shelter, we can survive. But to truly thrive, there are spiritual and emotional needs that we all have. We all strive to find ways to satisfy our need for Love, Acceptance, Security, Identity and Purpose. Some of us seek these in ourselves, in others and from society, but none of these needs can be truly fulfilled except by God.


God’s love is always present and unconditional. If you’ve ever had a friend or loved one that you felt you could trust completely, you’ve had a faint taste of what its like to be able to rely on someone without worry or fear. But even the strongest relationships can end , loved ones can die, circumstances can destroy our faith in others. Not so with God and His unconditional love because He is never-ending and never changing. Nothing in this world that you can do or say will alter His love for you. He will never leave you or forsake you. You can always, always find comfort and security through your relationship with God because it is, like Him, eternal.

No matter what you do, no matter how you look, now matter how many mistakes you’ve made, you can never let God down because He loves you without conditions, without measure and with no reservations or any hidden agenda. God is guiding you through every experience of your life – not because you have earned it, but because God loves you no matter what. When the dark clouds settle and all others abandon you, the light of God will shine bright and show you the way. His guiding light is unconditional love.


From the time we are born, we search for acceptance. The sense of belonging to another person or to a group of people is a powerful affirmation. We try to please our parents as toddlers so that they will accept and love us. When we are in school, we hope to be accepted into the “popular crowd.” At work, we want to be on the best project team or be accepted by our boss and coworkers. We enter into relationships because the other person accepts us.

But relationships fail, groups change over time and even our parents may be disappointed in our actions. The only true, unconditional acceptance is that offered by God. He loves us no matter what. He doesn’t care what we look like or about the mistakes we’ve made. As His creation, He loves and accepts us unconditionally


There is such a sense of security that overwhelms us when we are safe in the arms of God. Although our circumstances can change from day to day, God is eternal. Many of us accumulate money and power, hoping these will keep us secure, but we can lose our money and our power so easily! The person who is on top today may be in the gutters tomorrow. No power we gain for ourselves can protect us from the many possible problems of this world.

God, however, is our eternal protection. He is our security and shelter in any storm because He will not leave us in times of trouble. No matter what happens, He will guard our souls and direct our footsteps if we ask Him to. Let yourself be secure in God’s abiding presence and you will always feel safe.


Do you put on a mask for others so that they will see you in a particular way? Do you have different identities for different people? We are always trying to define ourselves in relation to other people. Are you a father? Employee? The best friend? The fun one? Our identities are often tied to what we can provide to others, and it can be difficult to be all things to all people.

God knows our true identity – the one that is whole and complete, the hidden most part of our heart and soul. We are uniquely, fearfully and marvelously made children of God! When we discover the power and presence of God within ourselves, we have found our true identity, one that doesn’t depend on what others see. We are, and always will be, unique creations of the Master Creator.


We all wonder why we are here occasionally. Do we have a purpose to fulfill? Is being a parent our ultimate role? Are we supposed to be achieving great things at work? Do we have a destiny to fulfill? We can spend our lives worrying about what our purpose is, but it will be an exercise in futility unless we turn to God for guidance. No one on earth knows what you should be doing.

God decides our life’s plan and purpose here on earth. He created you to fulfill a divine purpose, no matter how large or small, that is part of His eternal plan. Isn’t it reassuring to know that what you do and say matters in the grand scheme of things? Our purpose is essential!

Today as you say your prayers, thank the Lord for providing everything you need and all that your heart desires, including unconditional love, acceptance, unfailing security, a unique identity and a true purpose !

Robert Moment is a personal growth “throw the box away” inspirational life coach , speaker and author of best-selling Christian Book, God Will Always Be There For You. Robert is passionate about teaching individuals how to experience God’s love, peace , joy , power and prosperity.

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