Christians urged to promote peace - Most Rev. Matthew Man-Oso Ndagoso

KADUNA - The Catholic Metropolitan Archbishop of Kaduna, Most Rev. Matthew Man-Oso Ndagoso has reminded Catholics and indeed all Christians to continue to promote peace and love of Christ, whatever situation they found themselves.

The Archbishop gave the admonition at the recent ordination of 13 new deacons for the Archdiocese of Kaduna. The ordination took place at St. Matthew’s Catholic Church, Kaduna. He stressed that since Jesus Christ, the prince of peace brought peace to our world, we as his brothers and sisters should try to make peace reign in our lives and world. He urged all

The local ordinary of Kaduna also reminded the new deacons that they have an obligation as ministers of the Word of God to see to the promotion of peace in the country and that as soon as they are ordained; they must know the kind of words they utter so that they don’t cause confusion among the people they lead.

Archbishop Ndagoso stated further that “either in good or bad times, we must remain followers of Christ.” He appealed to Christians throughout the country not to allow what is happening presently in some parts of the country to provoke them into seeking vengeance, since vengeance belongs to God.

The Archbishop pleaded for good leadership among religious leaders and urged them to preach peace to the people they are leading. He also said, in order for us to be true followers of Christ, we must be ready to become fools for the sake of the gospel. He further called on the newly ordained deacons to be patient and prayerful while preparing for their priestly ordination.

The parish priest of St. Mathew’s Catholic Church Rev. Fr. Peter Babangida Audu thanked the Archbishop for choosing his parish for the ordination. He also expressed his gratitude for all those who have come to attend the ceremony.

Source: Catholic News Service of Nigeria

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