Ebuka Songs holds successful concert in Ghana

Several fans of gospel singer, Ebuka Emmanuel Hillary, were blessed by his ministration during his concert, Pray and Worship, in Ghana.
The “I Will Pray” crooner shared clips from the well-attended event at Kumasi and expressed gratitude to God for the outpour of impartation at the programme. He posted a video of himself singing with the caption on his Instagram page on June 29: “Pray and worship Kumasi edition.
“We call forth priesthood again across the nations. The gospel prevails, Jesus Christ is lifted up. We cannot recover so soon. Lord thank you for your outpouring. Purity will reign again. Thank you, Ghana.”

He made another post and spoke about how a true soldier of Christ is not carried away by pain and hurt. The singer noted that life is deeper than what we think.

In his words: As a soldier, you cannot fear bruises, pain, or hurt. These are some of the signs you see when you meet a militant.

“A true soldier is not carried away by the pains and challenges he meets on his journey to war. He is focused on winning the fight and coming back alive, but whether he dies, the glory is to Him who he fought for.

“This journey called life  is deeper than you think and every day that passes by teaches us a lot, good or bad, But no matter what keep moving, keep fighting, God is for you.

“I am passing this message to all God’s soldiers across the nations. Stay encouraged, you are strong, be bold, and courageous. Focus your energy on pleasing Jesus Christ,
(your commander). Keep your gaze on Him. Don’t prove a point, guard your heart, and keep winning.

“Every other thing you see around are all distractions,
Even your Success can be your greatest direction. The goal is that after all is said and done, we will meet at the glorious marriage in heaven. Selah.”

Ebuka Songs closed his post by quoting 2 Timothy 2:3-4 NIV: “Join me in suffering, like a good soldier of Christ Jesus. No one serving as a soldier gets entangled in civilian affairs, but rather tries to please his commanding officer.”

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