Breath of Life wins the Best Movie award at the 2024 Africa Magic Viewers' Choice Awards

Breath of Life is a powerful and inspiring film that explores themes of faith, purpose, and redemption.
The story is told from the perspective of Elijah and follows Timi, a gifted young man who becomes the first African clergyman in the Church of England. After marrying Bridget and having a daughter, he returns to Nigeria, leading a fulfilling life until tragedy strikes. His family falls victim to Baby Fire, a local thug, leading to a series of tragic events that turn Timi into a recluse. The film later introduces Elijah, who changes Timi's life and helps him rediscover his faith and purpose.

Check out the trailer below


  • Wale Ojo as Old Timi
  • Chimezie Imo as Elijah
  • Ademola Adedoyin as Young Timi
  • Eku Edewor as Bridget
  • Genoveva Umeh as Anna
Apart from Breath of Life wining the Best Movie award, it also won Best Lead Actor for Wale Ojo, Best Supporting Actor for Ademola Adedoyin, and Best Supporting Actress for Genoveva Umeh.

The film has also had a significant social impact, with the filmmakers partnering with Evercare Hospital Lekki to raise awareness about asthma and provide support to patients. The film's success has also led to a case study event, where the filmmakers shared their experience and knowledge with other filmmakers, promoting collaboration and learning within the Nigerian film industry.

Here is the team receiving the award at the AMVCA event.

Other nominees in the Best Movie category include:
  • Funmilayo Ransome-Kuti
  • Over The Bridge
  • Blood Vessel
  • A Tribe Called Judah
  • The Black Book
  • Mami Wata

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