Ohis Ojeikere of The Winlos celebrates wife’s birthday

Actor and the lead pastor of The Voltage Church, Ohis Ojeikere,  celebrated his wife Anwinli Ojeikere, as she turned a new age on Saturday, April 13.

The both of them are popular known as The Winlos, who mentor on relationship, marriage, and created Christian-themed content for their followers.

Marking her special day, Ohis went down memory lane as they acknowledged God’s faithfulness in their lives. 

The father of one wrote on Instagram: “Happy birthday my lovely wife Anwinli Ojeikere. I’m so proud of you and very confident in you! That I am the husband of this very beautiful, yet anointed, and kind woman makes me really humbled.

“Thank you for saying YES to this one laptop guy from church that cold night. Look at how far God has brought us by the favour I obtained from your partnership! Look what God has made of us! I love you so much, I just do. Your wisdom is so stuffed! Your innocence is charming and your heart is really pure!

“I have long taken pleasure in sitting back and watching the world celebrate you and today is the ‘chiefest’ of them! Thank you for loosing yourself entirely, lighting up my visions, inspiring our generations! I love you so much sweet.”

The mother of one was also celebrated by her followers. Check out some of the comments below:

Gospel singer Ada Ehi Moses said: “Happy birthday woman of God.”
@marthaezike: “Happy birthday to our beautiful First Lady! Thank you mama for all you do. Kai! Words are not enough really. I love you with all my heart. Thank you for being a mentor and a mother. Welcome to your best year yet. Happy birthday to you, mother.”

@theonly_laurel: “Happy birthday to my First Lady! Ah! I love you yesterday, today and forever mama.”
@nifemidolawande: “Happy birthday ma, it's a new season of fruitfulness for you in Jesus name.”
marianne_asso: “Happy birthday, ma."

You are an absolute blessing to the world. Remain blessed in Jesus’ name.”

famuyiwaadejoke: “Wow, your smile is so cute! Happy birthday, ma. Welcome to the best year!”

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