Easter: God paid the price in full – Jimmy Odukoya

The Senior Pastor of the Fountain of Life Church, Jimmy Odukoya, shared the Biblical perspective of the death of Jesus in his recent teaching.
His message coincided with the season of Easter, which is the celebration of the death and resurrection of Jesus. According to him, Jesus went through severe pain when he was to be crucified and he paid the ultimate price for our sins in full.

His message was quite touching as he narrated the process of Jesus being nailed to the cross, and it got some people emotional.

See some of the reactions to Jimmy’s preaching below:

@todah11 said: “All the pain wasn't in vain. So, why do I have to let the devil win? Never! Jesus paid it all. It's a crime if I let the devil win. Devil, you lost this battle a thousand years ago.”

@owensarena commented: “This analysis broke me! Jesus! Thank you for your mercy.”

@bodybymutini: “Felt like a movie as I was listening and watching this.”
@life_ofmofe: “At the cross, where I first saw the light. And the burden of my heart rolled away. It was there by faith I received my sight and now I am happy all the days.”

@mercychinny: “Christ suffered so much that we won't have to suffer under the law. Thank you Jesus for your sacrifice that ended all the sacrifices that come with the law. For Christ is the end of the law for righteousness sake to all who believe. Romans 10:1. Thank you PJ for always preaching the gospel with so much passion and zest. Blessings MOG.”

@olowealth: “How I love you Lord! Thank you for taking all the pains to save me.”

@divabkuppy: “Jesus, you didn't have to do it but you did it anyway! Thank you, Jesus.”

@ekundayo_ajayi: “Pastor Jimmy, you are an amazing teacher. God bless you abundantly.”

@mfoneka: “Jesus did not go through this so that my salvation can be lost. Never.” 

In an earlier report by Christianity Nigeria, Jimmy announced that he was commencing a monthly newsletter titled the Lion’s tribe newsletter.

In February, he wrote on his social media pages, "Every month, I get to connect with you, share my thoughts, and send you some encouragement and whatever God lays on my heart to share. I also let you know what book I’m reading for this month. So, if you want to get the newsletter every month starting this month, click the link in my bio now to sign up. Let’s go!”

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