Donald Trump raises alert over rising anti-Christian attitude under Biden

Former United States president Donald Trump has expressed concern over the increasing rate of anti-Christian attitude in the administration of President Joe Biden. He assured that if he is elected back to the White House, he would handle the issue.

He made this statement during the National Religious Broadcasters 2024 International Christian Media Convention in Tennessee.

The business mogul-turned-politician said, "This time, the greatest threat is not from outside of our country, I really believe this. It's from within; it's the people from within our country that are more dangerous than the people outside. We can handle China, we can handle Russia, we can handle all of them if you have a smart leader, but the inside people are very dangerous. They're very sick people, in my opinion; in many cases, they're sick."

He also noted that he is a very proud Christian and he is getting a lot of condemnations and fines because he opposes the state’s political agenda.

In his words: "The chains are already tightening around all of us, if you think about it. Ultimately, the radical Left is coming after all of us, because they know that our allegiance is not to them. Our allegiance is to our country, and our allegiance is to our Creator. They don't want to hear that."

Furthermore, he encouraged Christians to get involved in the political process of the nation, they should not stay neutral, and he noted that victory is possible with God.

He also claimed that the country is being pulled down by leaders with a questionable character that have gone communist, Marxist, and even fascist.

Trump questioned those who would vote for a Democrat, considering how Biden has been ruling the nation. According to him, those around the President are not good people, they abuse power, and they throw charges at citizens who are pro-lifers.

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